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Could there maybe be a automatic word suggestion on the forums?

I mean just like google has got or something? the forum now does show you when you type something wrong but it does not give you an suggestion on how to type that word correct. when that happens to me now I will go to google type the wrong word and let google correct me. it is not really a big struggle. but maybe it will make posting treads and posts a little bit more user friendly? I know I would like it a lot being that  English is not my native language.


  • The forums already have an American English spell check in place. It underlines the word in red when you have misspelled it. Autocorrect while typing has its own inherent problems. This is why there are pages and pages of autocorrect memes and whole sites dedicated to it.
    Image result for autocorrect fails gif

  • lol what is that guy trying to type? in that picture you posted @UnknownSystemError ?

    I now understand that it would maybe be to difficult to implement on the forum I thought it would not be such a big deal being that the google suggestions work pretty good for me. as far as I know?
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