Ashes of Creation Lore Prologue "The Phoenix" (Fan Made)


An old man covered with an old cloak huddled around a fire with several children nearby. The children's' eyes wide, they leaned towards the man in eagerness of hearing his story. The flickering of stars and the noise of civilians moving goods through the portal nearby can be heard.

"It all began in a time before time, when there was nothing but void and silence".

 "In an instant" the old man snaps his fingers. A few of the children jump at the sound.
"There was noise, movement, chaos, order, life, death, existence." "This existence gave birth to many worlds, many stories and many adventures." "One of those stories is one I'll share with you now".

The man looks deeply into the campfire."There was once a world that was lost in the expanse of space and time. Dormant and silent waiting for life to touch it. Somewhere in the great stretch of time that had passed since creation itself, it's silent desires had come to be.

 Trees grew making mighty forests covering the landscape, flowers blossomed producing beautiful fields, Animals bred forming generations of lives. Even great  and powerful civilizations of many races rose and fell on this once dormant world.

The old man looks up to the night sky with a look of admiration. "You see the spark of creation ,we call the phoenix, has a will of its own". "It causes things to be and not to be"." In this story with the once quiet world, the phoenix had infused its own essence of eternal rebirth into this world". "Causing great events to emerge and reform generating new life and new experiences across the land.

The old man re-positions himself on the stone as if to get more comfortable. "Our story takes place among the ever shifting surface of this world".

And then the rest of the story would be a history of the world they are on before their people escaped through the portals.

I would expect this to be used or anything since I think the team is going towards the direction of us discovering the lore in-game, rather then being given everything upfront.
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