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Will there be poison in the game?

If we are to have Rouges and Assassins in the game. Will we see the use of poison as a skill?

If that is the case, there should be different levels of poison, and different places to find the mix you need in the wilds. From Very weak to Very deadly if this is going to be in the game, we need options and levels.

Options should be from mushrooms, poisons frogs and lizards, to venom from snakes and some monster types.

Levels would be your skill at making it into the poison you need, and what type you can make.

Plus your skills should grant you the ability to coat to blade weapons, maybe your arrows and darts too.  

Maybe I missed this topic, but this question came to mind.


  • I would say this is a given. Poison is a fantasy staple.

    Please no crippling poison though.

    If we have poison effects I would like them to be small but to be able to stack so they would build up over time. Poison shouldn't really be this big instant damage thing, especially not in pvp.
  • I can not recall if poisons have been mentioned or not but would be nice addition if they were. Could be another branch of the alchemy tree, may include things like vials of gas that could be thrown to cover an area, coat a blade is an obvious one, perhaps contact poisons you could place on the ground, or acids.

    Might be worth asking to see if they will be a thing in ashes.
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