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Little Details

My question is what little details do you like to see as far as your avatar/ character is concerned?

Foe me there have been a few things over the years that have made me stop and go that is cool, but they were just small details with character actions or the way they looked.

1. GW2 you had a backpack that was on your back, it had your guild insignia on it and I personally thought it was a nice touch.

2. Neverwinter when you received mail if you were eagle eyed you would see a small carrier pigeon fly into your screen towards your character.

3. ESO I like the poses you assume when you are doing mundane things, if you are looking at your map so is your character on screen, if you are resetting skill points etc you stand with head bowed as if you were in some form of trance, if you were making a purchase from the crown store you kneel down and open a chest with a glow coming from its open lid, and finally opening your backpack would show you standing rummaging through a leather case with vials books and other assorted materials in it.

4. ESO simply whistling for your mount to appear as if they were just nearby and a whistle brings them running.

Theses are just some of the little touches to your character I thought were fun and a nice addition.


  • When my hair doesn't clip into my armour/weapon.
    Last time I saw this being addressed was in lineage2. The way it was done was that if you have something on your character's back which would normally clip with your chosen hairstyle, then the hair got put up into a bun/ponytail.

    Haven't seen anything like that in any of the other mmos I've played.. Seeming as Steven was quite fond of lineage2, I have my hopes up in this regard. 
  • Nelirya said:
    When my hair doesn't clip into my armour/weapon.

    Yes it would be nice if hair style got changed depending on what you wear on head, so no clipping occurs.

    So basically every hat / helmet comes with its predefined hair position, and when you take it of you have your original hair style you selected.
  • I have to agree when it comes to character looks clipping tend to lessen how much care about me character... more I care about them the more I play...
  • One of the really cool things that I have seen in other games, but not MMOs, is weapon idle animations.

    We all know the boring old idle animations that characters do where they sway back and forth as if they have run a marathon and are on the edge of fainting, but I am talking more about some more flavourful idle animations utilising the weapon equipped.

    For example:

    • spinning a two handed hammer in the hands, so the head twirls
    • casually resting a long weapon (axe, sword, hammer) on the shoulder
    • resting a long-handled weapon on the ground and leaning on it with both hands
    • spinning a sword in small circles with the flick of a wrist
    • banging a shield with a weapon
    • spinning a dagger in the palm of your hand
    • tossing a dagger in the air
    • testing the pull of a bow
    • removing an arrow from a quiver, peering down its length and replacing

    These are just things that people will do when they have a weapon in their hands. Spend a little time casually observing people at a HEMA event and you will see this kind of thing constantly. It is just human nature to idly play with things in their hands (ooh).

  • @Bajjer It would be nice to see idle animations like you listed above, I have said the same thing myself in another thread, it would be nice to see flourish animations for the weapon you are carrying. It honestly would be no different that doing any of the other emotes that make it into game.

    ESO has these personalities that you can set up on your character that give you different idle animations, some alter the way you move like drunkard, while others alter how some of the standard emotes are preformed. They can be obtained through quest lines in game, while others are purchased from the crown store.

    It is little details that can make the whole mmo experience just that little bit more immersive. 
  • As far as my character goes. I always painstakingly mix and match my attire. But there are always slots that are not visible. I would like every piece of gear to be visible, rings/necklaces included. I want to be able to create a very feminine female character, or a very masculine male character. I also want the option to have my character look androgynous. Whereas you have to really check if it's male or female.

    I also want make-up to be included for males
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