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Only Allowed One Character?

So I got thinking about how interesting it would be if we were only allowed to create one character in AOC.  Meaning one able to choose one main class and one sub class(crafter, gather, ect).  That I feel that would limit us greatly, but also give the player base a opportunity to be unique.  It would also prevent players from creating multiple characters and having a gather and processor and not having to use the market to purchase mats or work together with their fellow members in AOC. 

Because if we do not do this, then sooner or later everyone will have alts that do all the work and the prices in the market and venders will suffer. And that unique feel and player driven economy will not exist anymore. 

This could also prevent gold sellers and bots great since you could only create one character per IP address.

If you force people to choose only one character it will make that character feel special to you and to everyone else.

You would be allowed to remake to a new character, but would lose all progress on your original.   



  • No.   Some people, like myself, play alts to experience the different classes/playstyles.  It's not all about crafting.

    Even without the above, one character per ip will never work.   In my house alone there are 3 potential accounts.   Being in the same house, we all have the same ip.   That would mean only one character for the whole house....   if that was the limit, we wouldn't even bother, and I know we're not alone.
  • SCPS (Single Character Per Server) They did this in Star Wars Galaxies when it started. I fucking loved it.  Especially for a dedicated RPer like myself. That being said I think a cross server chat tell system would make it great as you could go off on an alt to experience more of the game and then log back to your main quickly if things are going down.

    There is no preventing bot gold sellers. Except Open world full loot FFA PvP cause then they are just extra loot walking around.
  • Interesting idea, but bad in practice.

    I will only seriously play one character, but if you're burned out or bored after a while, playing a new character for a afternoon is calming and refreshing.
  • Yeah, I'm not down for this Idea. As people start the game they will want to try out different classes to figure out what they want. Having to scrub start over on 1 account each time you want to start something.

    Then if people decide they want to go back to the first class they started they have to start from scratch again.

    People may also want to play different classes pay pick 2 and go back and forth.

    There are people who hate harvesting so there will always be people to buy mats. What's the problem with someone let's say has 1 character that harvest one type of mat and 1 that harvests another type. They will be investing and slitting their play time between 2 characters and putting the work in.

    I had 5 characters in EQ1 but mainly focused on Monk and Bard I enjoyed playing them both.

    I have to say for me I am against the Idea of 1 character only.

    I won't say you are wrong for just wanting 1. If that's what you want you can choose to do that but why limit people that want diversity, and enjoy a larger scope of what the game has to offer.

  • Yuck.
  • Would be absolutely bullshit if you could create 1 character per 1 IP.
    I play with my fiance and we live together (like many other potential players of this game), so what, we shouldn't be able to play together? Just lol.
  • One character is no good since people like to try out different things, however I would like the character progression to be long so our main and alts can be distinguished from each other more easily than they are in WoW :blush:

  • I love the idea, because you are trying to solve some pretty common problems. While your intentions are great, this ultimately causes more problems than it would solve, if it could. Keep thinking outside the box though! It often takes a trip through crazytown to find those diamond in the rough ideas! I'm glad everyone so far has been polite and mature in responding. Sometimes our crazy ideas can poke the bear, if you catch my drift!
  • Now that I think about it, maybe a system where we can "evolve" a single character by lets say 5-10 levels once they reach the level cap would go with the theme of having this one "unique" character.
  • Sorry but i highly doubt they'll restrict you to one character. Since this is a subscription game the real question is how many characters can you have in 1 account?
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    edited November 2017
    Stevens said that "alts will be a thing"'(exacts words) in AOC. "because if we want to spend effort on two or more characters we will be rewarded for thoses two or more  characters"(not exacts words).

    For myself, i'm fine limited with 1 char at the conditions : 

    - Nothing is Bound
    - No limits of anything (numbers of mounts, properties, max storages, ...)
    - We can change primary and secondary archetype at every moment for free or very cheap.
  • I share the OP's concerns about alts diminishing the reliance on community in AoC... but at the same time, I wouldn't want to be too afraid to try something new.

    I like the single character per server idea mentioned earlier. Though, since we've got Stevens on record saying we'd be rewarded for putting time into alts, I wonder if they've got some confounded new system in mind for designating 'mains' and 'mules' separately per server. Like your main character owns the mansion, but you can set up a maximum of, say, 2 alts that act like servants who specialize in cooking and weaving or something. These mules might be restricted in level or in some other way, but would still allow you to experience different play styles. And if you like one of your alts better, you can go into account options and switch out which one is your main.
  • You will have access to multiple characters that all share one freehold accountwide. How do we know this? Multiple statements by the developers. How many? Not confirmed at this time. If they had some weird system in mind for mule alts or some sort of diminished capacity alts (mine would all be named Charlie Gordon and Lennie), it would be fairly simple for people to root out spy characters trying to infiltrate guilds. And the other multiple roles that regular alts will fill.
  • Mrgolde said:

    This could also prevent gold sellers and bots great since you could only create one character per IP address.

    Wouldn't one per account make more sense? If it's one per IP then only one person in a household could play.
  • OP suggestion wouldn't help in what it suggests, because people could still have multiple accounts, and alts on those accounts.

    It would just cost them more in sub cash.
  • About IP adresses;

    As most people have a dynamic IP address that changes upon each re connect, limiting anything to a single IP serves no purpose.

    It would in fact cause more problems because as one IP is released from one player, it could be allocated to next player within same provider, and then that new player would be prevented to create his character, because server remembered that IP already being used.
  • SCS doesn't mean single Character per Account.  You can have a character on multiple servers... It is a bit moot as I'm pretty sure they won't be doing this.  Although it would be nice if they had server specific rule sets.  Perhaps make an RP centric server that is SCS.
  • Then rather having one character per IP then how about one character per account and you have to pay a fee to respect, either game be a smal RL money fee or a very large in game fee.  I’m just trying to think out side of the box to come up with a new exp.  I realize that they said we were going to have Alts I’m mearly trying to discuss the idea of ya only having character and how it would change the game play for ppl.
  • Mrgolde said:
    have to pay a fee to respec, either game be a smal RL money fee or a very large in game fee. 

    It was already stated there will be no P2W.

    Paying cash to be able to respec as often as you wish for every situation you go to would be P2W.
  • One charakter per account is a good idea, but i think that will stop many players to play.
  • I like this concept and I personally think it would be amazing for players that like to RP, it would be really interesting if this was tried out on just one server. 
  • It would massively cut into the amount of people interested in the game. People hate that some games are gender locked, let alone forcing you to be stuck with all of your choices short of a complete reroll.

    Most people level alts to experience different styles of play, changes due to updates, and things of that nature. The majority of players are not going to dedicate the time to having an alt army to do all of their crafting and things like that.

    The markets will be fine in that regard. Some people won't even bother with that stuff on their main character, just look things up, go "cool, that's there, sold!" buy it and go on with their time.
  • Maybe the single-class, single-life type players could get interesting tweaks?  Ragnork had the super-novice; a few other games like Path of Exile have their own servers, etc.
  • Well if you only want one toon per person then do not make any alts.  But really some of the classes created are extremely fun and well conceived.  So you would only be limiting yourself to experiencing one toon and never discover how good and fun it is to play another class. 

    For example if you play a mage then you might also find a summoner interesting or you could even go play a melee class for variety.   

  • I get where you're coming from. The idea does add to the immersive aspect of the game and could really make individual players feel more unique. But as others here have already pointed out its essential to the player to also be able to experience the game in different ways. One adventure can be experienced in drastically different fashions based on the different characters able to be made, which lends to the longevity of the game and overall happiness of the players.
  • Ah well something like this shouldn't be even considered really, games are meant to be explored and challenged in different ways, putting such restrictions would reduce the player base drastically.

  • Surely you jest!!  I'm a serious altaholic.  My left eye is starting to twitch just thinking about only having one character.  I love my alts.  I like trying out all of the different classes and having at least one or two characters that aren't tied into guild life.  Sometimes you just need a bit of time to yourself.  :)
  • It would only make sense to have a slot for each archetype, as we know it is not very likely that you'll be able to switch between your "main" archetype.

  • I appreciate restrictions like not having fast travel. It can force players to enjoy the beatifull landscapes and its good for immersion. But just 1 character will oppress players way to far. I at least need 2 chars so if i get bored of one type of play style i switch to another. In the end i mostly take a look at all classes and im having fun experience a new playstale in the same game again and again. 

    But yes i think there will be players (me included) that will someday do all 3 working professions. Though i think that wont be a big issue cause as i assess AoC becoming a master of 1 profession will take a long long time and not many people will be willing to do all on there own and if they do they will deserve that independence.

    AAAnd even if i do all 3 professions .. i sure wont farm any kind of material or have any recipe so i still will trade with other workers ^^ .
  • It would only make sense to have a slot for each archetype, as we know it is not very likely that you'll be able to switch between your "main" archetype.

    They definitively stated that there will NOT be a mechanic to swap primary, and that secondary would be possible, but painful. Either quest chain or heavy financial penalty to do so.
    Theorycrafting is all well and good as we spend time mentally jerking each other off while we wait for actual gameplay and mechanics to manifest, but these are the kind of threads that people new to the forums see, skim read, and walk away thinking that these are actual mechanics. They have already stated that alts will be a thing. We just don't know how many character slots they are going to give us yet. Pretty standard if you look at different subscription based mmos is around 6-12 per server with 8 being the average. If there is no p2w aspect to the game (there isn't), then there is absolutely no reason for developers to limit number of character slots beyond their storage capacity concerns. Since they are going with Google Cloud servers last we heard, storage is not an issue. The only time they limit the amount you start with is when they plan to sell access to "character slots" down the line, which isn't planned.
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