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My thread of memes

Hello the people of forum, I have arrived. You might not know me but the people of Discord knows me. I am here to share my memes with you, you might like or not to like them.

And since I have Shoenix's seal of approval, I know what to post and what to not.

We'll see if this thread stays AoC related, Also might include some community memes.
Also if i use someones meme, Imma credits those peeps, and if post someones meme, go ahead and claim it's as your own, I don't care since I don't remember ever meme i've made, but have proof for that. Also i'll update this with new memes when i've made some.

Also this is for lulz don't take anything seriously ╰( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )つ──☆*:・゚


  • Hey Kandy! o/ I cant wait to see all the memes! #SOFTpeter lol ;)
  • Almost forgot i posted that, here's some of my memes, 1 per post to make as much spam as possible of course.

    Here's one of my OG memes from Pax; DJ Steven is her to bring the chat back to on-topic!

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    edited November 2017
    Some self promo, "How AoC music was discovered"
  • Some more OG i made one day
  • I think there is something familiar with this hat, not sure what

  • Now some classic poetry with Kandy. This is a poet of how to summon Joshua in this Discord in it's full length.

    Joshua, you "inspiration" looking fellow
    you come to this Discord of mellow

    Looking for inspiration a bit
    that, he one time, admit

    No good stuff can be found from here,
    only off-topic talk, and memes of low-tier

    Once he has been pinged in the chat,
    he thinks, "I Should hit them with a baseball bat".

    Now he looks at his virtual gallery,
    thinking, "Steven should raise my salary"

    With his great artist brain
    He will make MMO's great again!

    And here is the picture of Joshua looking for "inspiration" from the Discord:

  • Sorry that i haven't been making any memes lately, my HDD fkd me up for about 3 weeks, got new SSD. But is a meme i made from the halloween live stream

    so low effort meme that it made me to laugh
  • Also here are 2 new videos i made with my phone (you can se it from the quality) while my HDD was borked

  • EEH? Easy mode? Only kids play on easy mode!!!

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