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Hello guys i find some videos and what i saw afraid me pretty much.. I felt like Classes gameplay are kind of braindead during fights, i might be wrong ( i fucking hope so) but it doesn't looks like competitiv at all and low mastery is required = Press 1-2-3 to this order and you finally done it, i know that some classes are importante for certain abilities etc.. But what about cycles/priority/competition. Im the kind of player who loves to train hard to be better " IF needed.."


  • They have told us there will be a lot of customization when it comes to abilities and how we build our characters through augments, weapon ability combos, and armour selection. But we really won't know until they get closer to finishing their combat system which was only about 20-30% complete at Pax West a couple of months ago. They say that we will need to build differently for different situations, but we haven't been able to see very much of it yet. I look forward just as much as you do (if not more lol) to seeing and finding out more about classes and combat.
  • like stated by Zastro the combat which was only 20-30% completed and will be vastly different when you throw in Races/Weapons/Armor/Class Primary/Secondary not to mention your Religion, and being part of Traders or Thieves guild. All of these will augment your abilities and change how the combat will work.

    The combat has a ways to go before its nearly complete. Combat is one if not the most important aspect of an MMO to be successful. So the Dev's will be working to make it better and increase it. So long story short, the combat you have seen in videos is incomplete its just a small taste what they have made so far. They will be doing overhauls to UI etc in the future. They are just showing what they have so far. 

    But it will have the old school MMO of tab targeting, and some Active skill combat as well. So we will have to wait and see when the combat gets fully flushed out. If your talking about combat rotations etc, Like I stated before with all the augmentations of 64 classes Dps rotations will eventually take shape. But they heavily don't want parsing to be part of the game. So your Min Maxing will be sort of a learn as you go experiment. 
  • It is really early alpha but I doubt it will be
     1-2-3=win since many abilities require you to combo with different outcomes. 1-2 might do dmg, 2-1 might slow, 2-2 might knockback and 2-3 may teleport you. Also you will have to aim many abilities which require prediction and skill. (Think like dota/lol but with 10 abilities)

    Too conclude, it is so early alpha that the combat will by nature be 10-15x better (atleast many times better) when it is released. So dont worry.
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