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Why only Castles, how about Towers and Keeps too?

Ok From what I know so far, we will have Castles in AoC, guarded by 3 nodes, that must be taken down 1st, before you can siege the main castle.

To me the 3 nodes sound like they will be forts of some type, and once the forts are taken down, that opens up the door to take the castle. ok

But why only Castles. Can we have Towers and Keeps too? Or is that planned as something smaller for guilds that don't have the Castle?

Someone know more on this topic?


  • That may be fundamentally wrong. A castle has 3 zones with one node attached to it each. A guild that holds the castle must advance the nodes to strengthen their castle.
    One node each week will be siege-able leading up to the castle siege in the 4th week. Those 3 first sieges will determine how strong the main castle will be in the main guild vs guild event.

    That said. Castles are the biggest pvp content we know of. As IS has put it, there will be content for every player group size.
    If we are getting smaller objectives with lesser effects for smaller sized guilds remains to be seen. Going with that comment, at the very least, it doesn't seem all to much of a stretch.
    Hope I could at least clarify some things, because other than that I do not have a definitive answer for your main question.
  • As I understand it right now, there are 5 and only 5 castles for 5 different guilds to control. If your one of these guilds, you will need to be a large one to hold this property. I don't believe more was said on what other smaller guilds will get.

    Maybe a tower will need two nodes that need to be taken down, and a Keep has just one node that will need to be taken down. These are smaller from the Castle, and maybe it will break down like 10 Towers, and 15 Keeps.

    Then everyone else gets a Fort that can be sieged directly without a node attached to it.

    Just guessing at this point, I know we have a long way to go, but no harm is talking about it now, maybe one of more ideas get used off the table.

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