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Who owns the portals?

Who's selling tickets to Verra? 'Cause people are coming over with only the shirt on their backs, a few pieces of meat, and maybe a small tent. You need more than that to move to a new planet. Somebody must be telling tall tales to get people to move to Verra.

"Don't worry about anything! You'll get a free house, and food, and clothing, everything is free. You don't need to bring a thing!" And people are falling for it. How are we going to eat? Kick a rabbit to death and eat it? We have no weapons. Someone is making some fast money selling tickets to Verra is what I'm saying. Obviously, there's no way back or else people would ask for a refund, which makes me wonder, who owns the portals? 

Is it a government thing? A private investor thing? Is it a prison planet? If you break the law you get sent to Verra? And, speaking of planets, what's the name of the second planet?  We're coming from somewhere. What's the name of that planet? I nominate Sherra, after Steven Sharif.


  • I assumed we were running, we ruined the planet and moved. Now we've ruined another and are returning to the remains of the original. Some sort of magical nuclear war that created the corruption. Anyway, that's where my imagination goes. 
  • A magical nuclear war! I like that a lot!
  • I think each of the race's own governments are all invested in trying to reclaim their original home world. That would explain why each race has its own starting area; the gates belong to their ancestors.

    And somebody's gotta at least bring pickaxes... we're not gonna be able to start the economy by gnawing minerals out of the ground.
  • While each starting area is racially themed, players of any race can choose any gateway they wish to enter the game at :)
  • Idk about you, but I am coming through that portal with a sword!
  • Elder said:
    I assumed we were running, we ruined the planet and moved. Now we've ruined another and are returning to the remains of the original. Some sort of magical nuclear war that created the corruption. Anyway, that's where my imagination goes. 
    magical nuclear war :) it is little far from games concept. 
    Corruption can be created by some sort of experiment or more likely it is result of node development and the event's triggered by it. you know like when the node developed to some stage it will triggered some kind of dragon spawn and attack to city. Corruption maybe be triggered by old civilization's progress.
    The world they are coming back from, it does not need to be ruined either. Maybe people just want to go back and rebuild their old world.
  • I have a new theory that will probably ruin the game.
    Okay, so we know the Tulnar are the original inhabitants of the planet so that means... everyone else is from somewhere else. Not native. Humans, Elves, and Orcs, all came from somewhere else. How? The portals. So does that mean the Tulnar built the portals? Did the gods build the portals? I'm guessing it was the Tulnar 'cause the gods have super powers and don't need technology.

    So, okay, why did the Tulnar build the portals and why are the gods all locked up in mountains and lava, etc...? Were the Tulnar just exploring and they met us, then we came over and locked up their gods and the Tulnar kicked us out? Are we coming back to unlock the gods and say we're sorry?

    Did the Tulnar lock up the gods and they needed help so they called us to help and when the gods were locked up we said, "There you go. Bye. You're welcome. See ya." Then why are we unlocking them to kill them? Should we kill them, or just unlock them and let them live? 

    Did the gods instruct a small group of insurgents to build the portals so they could call for help and we're supposed to attack the Tulnar and set the gods free but the Tulnar keep attacking the portals and that's why they're broken. All except 1, so we come over, secure and rebuild the other portals, then bring everyone over to kick Tulnar butt and release the gods that they locked up? 

    No one said the Tulnar are friends. Remember that corrupt birdman we saw a while ago. That could be a Tulnar. It's part human, part bird, like a Tulnar might be. 

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    The gods own the portals.

    All players have ancestors that originated on Verra.
    The Tulnar ancestors did not leave Verra.
    The gods of Verra created the portals.

    Who said the gods are locked up anywhere?
    The Tulnar were confined underground.

    The portals are not new.
    The ancestors of the players left Verra via the portals.
    Then the gods of Verra deactivated the portals.
    No magic on the world the player characters leave.
    Player characters are returning to Verra because the gods feel it is safe enough for them to return - therefore the gods have re-activated the portals.
    The portals aren't broken.
    Whether or not Tulnar are friends depends on the individual Tulnar.
  • Does Tulnar confined underground or did they just stay behind or they just couldnt make it to the portals ?
  • The info dropped so far, which is scant, was that they are the descendants of those who didn't make it to the portals on time and were driven underground when the conditions on the surface became too toxic. You throw a mix of mammal and reptile races into close proximity and they decide to get freaky with each other over the millennia making babies. Those that successfully got their DNA to mix to various degrees survived, passing on traits to future generations, so there are your character creation slider mechanics. Just like other dystopian literature, the premise is that they forgot about the surface and adapted to life in safe pockets underground, and with the rumblings above are poking their heads out to see whats what.
  • So everyone is trapped @UnknownSystemError ? The gods are trapped 'cause that's what we've seen with the lava one, and also 'cause that's what Intrepid said. 

    So something attacked the gods and locked them up and the survivors were trapped underground and the rest escaped. Why come back now? Our technology hasn't improved unless bows and arrows and spears are an improvement over what we had before. Like, rocks??  Did we regroup? It's been thousands of years. 
  • My take on it, since we won't know until the game launches and they decide to tell the story, is that there was a huge war between various factions of gods. Think Dark vs Light, or Good vs Evil. In this case it was a single god or group of gods that started "corruption". The other gods saw they were losing the battle and decided to beat feet with their followers. Huge mass migrations through shiny portals created for each race. At a certain point the battle reached these portals, damaging them and closing off the magic and access to the new world. The survivors went underground to survive, similar to nuclear winter, those that stayed on the surface were corrupted and give us our "monsters" with the example being the race of avians that they fight in the PAX demo. Survivors on the new world went on to build new communities and cities on their new world. Possibly our "good" gods like the status quo and have limited technological advancement. Maybe there have been religious purges similar to the 1000 years of scientific progress we lost during the Dark Ages due to zealotry and that is why we are still using medieval weapons. Maybe magic suppresses the need for technological innovation. All good questions. None of which we know the answer to at this time.
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