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I need help with the forums.

You know the first time you enter the forums it gives you 2 options 1) Pick "Other" ->write a name and enter forums with that name(no password required) Or 2) Pick your account -> Write password and enter the forums with your account.  Well, when i tried entering with my account  and it said incorrect password(even though it was right) or that the password hasn't been confirmed, I don't exactly remember what it said. So i pressed "other" Wrote "Jormaffa" (My account name isn't jormaffa, i hate that name) and it worked! Great. I then tried going back and see if it now works with my account. I couldn't choose it again because it just directly went to the forums and i didn't get to choose it again. So i deleted my account and made a new one with the same information -> went to forums but it still didn't give me the chance to choose and now i'm stuck in here with this jormaffa name. I can't change the name. I then thought "Maybe if i uninstall and then reinstall Chrome it would reset". It didn't work. I tried contacting the support. Tried writing in the questions channel in discord and directly messaging one of the developers on discord. No answer. Maybe if i could get a link to the site where you get tp choose "Other" or your account, i could get it to work. Or if i could get to talk to one of the developers they could delete this jormaffa guest account from the forums or something. I don't know if that is even possible but i  can't really think of another solution. 


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    Hi @jormaffa !

    It roughly takes one week for customer services to respond to contacts! If you have not heard anything after a week you can message a mod for further assistance! :)
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