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Alpha Key

Currently wondering if there is anyway i can get into alpha, buying founder pack? been intrested in the game for long time and recently got a new pc. i cant seem to find anyway to buy into the alpha. is it only by random drawling?? any help is appreciated


  • The only way to gain access to Alpha 0 which begins in a few weeks is by receiving a key from the weekly drawings.  It was possible to gain access to future Alphas during the crowdfunding campaigns but all crowdfunding campaigns have closed.  There may be additional opportunities to gain access to future Alphas and/or Betas but no specific plans for those packages have been provided by IS (Intrepid Studios).
  • man that is  a bummer, i appreciate the info thought. just have to keep checking in on it so i do not miss any chances.
  • just searched "alpha" in search bar and found 2 OTHER posts of same thing.

    I knew I had heard this question asked before :smile:

  • Hi there, for information on how to get into the alpha 0 this thread here has basically everything you need to know

    now as for alpha 1 and alpha 2 and the beta's atm there is currently not packs for these testing phases available, there will be no more crowd funding (i.e. Kickstarter and the summer backing period) however they will have periodic sale's on the webstore that you can purchase access to these testing phases, for a look at what the previous sale had take a look at

    hopefully that answer's any question's you have if there's anything else feel free to ask :smile:

  • man that is  a bummer, i appreciate the info thought. just have to keep checking in on it so i do not miss any chances.
    I wish players like you were able to get a key... some keys have gone to accounts that haven't checked on the game for months. The present players who have been listening to the discussions and watching some streams are beneficial for the game as they can provide solid feedback, not just requests for different mechanics that you would see the absent player ask for. 
  • The input that they have put out is that continued participation in Alpha 0 will be on a selection basis after the initial 3 day one. I take that to mean that for the people that don't respond to the NDA signing will not have access, since you have to take care of those steps before you gain access. Those that don't bother to log on during their windows that IS gives them after the survey most likely will not be able to test later also. So that means a whole slew of key giveaways incoming if the speculation that many people have keys that aren't interested theory stands up.
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