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Theory Crafting - What will you make?

Hello Everyone!

 I do not see a theory crafting section so lets start one! Please share what your ideas are for character creation??

Personally, something fun sounding to me would be a Tank / Bard. If anyone is familiar with Lineage 2 there was an Orc class "WarCryer" which was rather tanky but could also buff allies in battle. So I think some combo of heavy armor, a little CC and some buffs for friends would fit my playstyle.

Anyone considering going PURE class? Double Tank / Cleric / Mage???

Lets see what you got!?!?


  • I like Summoning things and being tanky. So Summoner/Tank going by names.
  • @Wizardfrog that seems like an interesting combo! Primary summoner and then some tank added in! I wonder what kind of summons they'll have?!?!
  • Im hoping they have a mixture of permanent and temporary summons. Permanent like warlock pets in wow and temporary that function like a DOT or are reskinned spells. I would be happy with "Summon the head of a dragon and it shoots fire then disappears" reskins in this regard as long as they also have some permanent buddies to go with you. I just like the gameplay dynamic of being a frontline general or Mage Tank, lots of allies you bring in while being stuck in.
  • @ShaggNasty

    One version regarding names. 

    another regarding a longer compilation of names

    also there are some interesting topics on this already simply use the search function to find whatever you're looking for. 

    Hope you have a great day. 

  • @Guildart Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! I did not see this it looks pretty in depth!
  • Unfortunately we do not know the official name of each primary/secondary combo yet. But we should be finding out soon. Steven said they would release the names before the 15th of December and I am psyched!
  • A mage archetype. I'll decide the class when I've tried all combinations.
  • @zastro that is awesome news! I'm stoked about this! I cant wait to get more info on character progression systems. That to me is one of the best parts of MMO's the ability to truly customize your playstyle and make it semi unique to your character!!
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