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NPC Races.....What will we see?

What I mean in a nutshell. Examples:

Lizardmen forts in the swamp, or even old ruins taken over by them.

Ratmen in the under world, towns and cities made by them.

Merpeople in the sea, and their under water cities.

Orges that tae what they want, and live where they will.

I picture events unlocking, as we open up nodes, where we might step on the toes of NPC races. This in turn might make issues for the town next to them, or not just depends on what we do. Maybe they attack us once they see us expanding into their areas, or maybe they look to keep the peace and want a trade pack. Not all races have to be 100% evil.

So what would you like to see as a NPC Race in AoC?


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    They should be the mightiest of trolls and add a cyborg race with laser weapons since they wont have any gunpowder in the game. I dont know how to make a laser but I am pretty sure gunpowder is not used so we are safe right? :smiley:

    Edit: I got promoted to Level 3 for this post XD Such a bad system lol . . . PROMOTION! YOUR TROLL LEVEL IS EVEN HIGHER!
  • I did an edit to the title to ask the question a little differently.
  • Granthor said:
    I did an edit to the title to ask the question a little differently.
    :neutral:Why you gotta be like that? Am I not allowed to have dreams?
  • We all can dream, just some dreams need to stay as a dream haha
  • Pooka is pretty excited about hte different NPC races...Pooka enjoys watching the dogs and the horses.  Pooka hopes he can witness Orc races where Orcs go all "Mutant League Hockey/Football" on each other while they try to cross the finish line.

    Pooka entertains himself and finds this to be especially enjoyable.
  • Mayan dwarves perhaps?
  • Mayan dwarves perhaps?

    I don't see why not, as a NPC race sure, but we have to wait and see.
  • I would like to see new races that Intrepid created as NPC things that give insight into what they are and their backstory. 

    I would like to see there take on some of the Tolken monsters (Orcs,Trolls,Goblins) 

    Also wouldn't mind seeing a Nod to the Everquest Ratonga race.
  • Crab people? You mean Zoidberg?
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