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Can I Play this game yet?

I was just wondering, am I able to play this game yet? Or is it still in its early stages?
I don't seem to be able to pay a subscription, so I am guessing, assuming that it isn't ready for playing...

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    Yes, it is in a realy early stage :) it will be a while till you will be able to play :)
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    Answer ✓ I was getting all my online peeps interested in playing... now I will have to break the SAD news that they cant play. :disappointed:
    Cant wait...
    But this will mean that we can be part of a node in the beginning, & have all the benefits with that... :hushed:


  • j'ai bien hâte qui sorte 
  • Alpha 0 will start December 15th. That can be accessed by winning a key. By registering here you are automatically entered in the random drawings when they occur. Keys are also awarded based on community activity, through livestream raffles, and occasionally through events. Alpha 0 will run for a couple months (unconfirmed).

    The next stage is Alpha 1 that has a tentative date of sometime in 2018. These alphas and betas can be purchased through various offers on the store. There are none currently available, but will be offered again in various compilations/options in the future.

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