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What type of COSMETIC SKINS are you guys hoping for?

I love how ashes is all about looks lol. Here are some cosmetic skins im hoping to see later down the line.

  Tarot cards and weapon skin for orbs maybe with floating tarot cards with cool astrology art.
  Fairy creatures skins for summoner pets, for those who want to RP...(like me)

  shinto talismans weapon skins for orbs with written shinto chants and scriptures.

  Scythe weapon skins for staffs, sword, or spears. I would love to have a scythe skin since i was sad to hear the team might not be able to add them as a weapon choice.

If anyone els has ideas for future cosmetic items and skins they would love to see in the future, please share. You never know who's reading lol.


  • Mankinis

    Image result for mankini gif
  • Lmfao  :s ummmm no we good on those lol.
  • Anything that can compliment my demonic skin nicely.  >:)
  • TERA . . . nuff said :smiley:

  • I'm hoping for a mix of cosmetics that provide a lot of choices to allow for an in depth look on your character.
  • I do not want to see skins* as the solution towards weapon selection. I would prefer to have the actual weapons behave as they are designed not some cosmetic fake.

    I fairly confident that the overall aesthetic will remain true to the Lore and immersion values core to the game design, leaning more towards western/European high fantasy.

    I would like to believe that overall character customization will be 99% core game with the $tore providing non combat seasonal outfits* nick nacks* rather than a plethora of skins* that nullify any resemblance character role identity.

  • Please for the love of God, no Weeb shit. No bunny girls, no cartoon bears, no K-Pop drag queens.

  • Somewhere they said "No ****", and to keep it within the fantasy. But we'll see.

    I'd like to see something with feathers, headdress or as accents for light/medium armor.
  • Mighty Armor skins. Big Weapon Skins. A lot of chooseable colors to create different styles. 

    Pls no asian past most of mmo's got this... cant see that kind of cosmetics anymore.
  • I would like it to stay within the fantasy side of things, armor/weapon skins are fine if they don't plague us with them. I would like to make sure the skins don't represent actual items in the game. 
  • I completely agree and hope that all cosmetics stay within the lore and theme of ashes. 

    I do love me some anime themed stuff lol. They do have an Asian themed orc race and with that im sure any and all anime themed cosmetics will be added with good taste.
  • I'm hoping for long hair, not ponytails, extravagant headpieces and stunning robes. IDC if it clips through, just give us the fantasy we deserve lol. 
  • makinoji said:
    I'm hoping for long hair, not ponytails, extravagant headpieces and stunning robes. IDC if it clips through, just give us the fantasy we deserve lol. 
    Yes! Long hair that isn't completely pulled back and unseen please. I know why a lot of games don't do it but I still want it.
  • sex change potion  ;)
  • I was thinking about how they said you can get skins for your summoner's pet. So if you had a theme in mind like druid, shamen, or shinto shrine maiden you can dress up your summons to coordinate.

    I would love to see spirit animal themed cosmetics like wolves, birds, and deer for a druid summoner theme.

    Also for a shinto shrine maiden theme i think a 9 tailed fox skin would be awsome for a sommoner pet skin.
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