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Devs and whoever else


Hello! First, allow me to say, happy Thanksgiving!  I write this email to you today in regards to your beautiful game, Ashes of Creation; but first abit about me!   I am an old gamer who had the pleasure of playing pioneer MMO games such as Everquest, EQ2, and World of Warcraft.  After a strong and long competitive gaming career in WoW  (both PvE/PvP Content) I lost sense of interest in MMO style games. After a few years I tried out other MMO games and couldn't find one to become excited about.  Once Sony announced Everquest Next my excitement was once again sparked and waiting eagerly just to find out the game was scraped.  

   For a few months I gave up again until researching other games.  I found a game called Ashes of Creation that once again sparked my excitement and interest, but just a bit more than Everquest.    I write this letter to you today to tell you there are many people like me in this world who are looking and waiting for the next great MMO and many of us feel this one will be the one.  Please, do not scrap this project or attempt to fail without asking those of us in the community for help!  We need this game just as much as you want to give it to us!  When can we expect Alphas/Betas?  How do we qualify for this? Is there a way to increase our chances? Thank you for your time, not even really sure you guys will read this email through. But if you do, thank you very much and I hope someday I will get to play this game!    


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    Hi there @Komotari
    Firstly welcome to the community :smile:

    The only known date for the alphas currently is Alpha 0 and that is December 15th 2017, this is the invite-only alpha for the people that won keys in the weekly raffles and other events. for more information about that check out this link 
    alpha 1 is currently estimated to be around the end of 2018 with the live launch of the game being before 2020

    Now for Alpha 1 and 2 and Beta 1 and 2 these were purchasable via Kickstarter and Summer Backing period's, with the website periodically having sale's as well, currently the store is selling ashes themed merchandise.

    For the information that is currently known about the alpha/beta's stages a good place to vist is that site contain's much of the information that we have been told so far. 

    Hopefully that answer's some of your question's if you still have some feel free to ask :smile:

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