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Will the rouges have the Pick pocket skill?

Ok again I will use the example from UO, in that game there was a Pick pocket skill to use. Yes, it's just what you think, people could look into your bag, and steal out an item. You could practice on a Pick Pocket dummy in game, then move on to NPCs, then on to Players. If you didn't get cause, your got away with it. But if you got cause, your would go gray, and were out to be killed on the spot.

Yes, your did gain negative karma, it was a slow slide into corruption, but you never went red. Red was only if you killed someone. So in AoC will we see this skill?

If so I can picture a good player adding stealth with pick pocket, even backstab with poison. Will make for a dangerous thief type.


  • Answered multiple times. There will be no stealing mechanic in game.
  • Answered multiple times. There will be no stealing mechanic in game.

    Ok so I missed that, but still doesn't mean it can't be added later. People do change their minds.

  • Sure, ESO managed to add their mechanics as an expansion a few years down the line. But from the negative faces/scowls that both Steven and Jeffrey have made when this has been addressed in livestreams, don't expect it anytime soon. Could be I am reading the body language wrong, and they were just constipated on those days. Like any other wishlisting or theorycrafting done right now anything is possible in the future. They could add aliens, ****, and sharks with freaking laser beams, the sky's the limit. One thing we do know is that they are sticking to the development plan that they have stated, and have quite a heavy lift to do over the next two years to get core systems in place, along with all the added stretch goals that they have committed to from the Kickstarter.
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