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Playable Races ?

 I can't believe there is no other forum about this? I seen the one under the "races" search for AI Races, but nothing about Playable races! Wow.  Well ok here it is, I have seen a lot on Ashes of Creation, I am on board 100%  I love the way the class system is going to be, and the talks about how the first class main class is not to be respeced ever, while the 2nd class might be. 

But what about Races? All i see are human/Terran races.  Will there be other races added later? If so please someone who actually works for the game comment. I see no other forum anywhere on "Playable races" other than this one and I did a search. So I'm kinda confused on why this isn't a first topic. 

Anyways, hit me back because I'd love to see different races.


  •  Is this what you were looking for, each race and sub-race will have its own architecture and crafting style so they will be quite distinct from each other.

  • You didn't look very hard... We've known about the races since May...
  • Thank you, i actually was looking but i found the descriptions later after i posted this in the forums. lol
  • In addition to the races shown above, there's also the tul'nar race
  • Ah yes don't forget that new underrealm race that will come to exist due to the stretch goals from kickstarter
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