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Dynamic Level Adjustments: Yea or Nay?

Dynamic Level Adjustment adjusts a character's attributes and level based on the area they are in.
**(This is most notable in Guild Wars 2 pve, and to a degree, current WoW pvp.)** 

I actually love Dynamic Leveling, and wish AoC would consider incorporating this feature. 
In theme park mmorpgs, there are areas of the world that become obsolete due to out leveling it. Payers  may loose the feeling of a huge immersive world, because there will be parts of the map that no one visits; parts of the map become a graveyard. 

  • Starting areas don't feel boring.
  • Leveling with new players is enjoyable even if you are level capped. 
  • No part of the map becomes obsolete (more world immersion). 

What are some cons?


  • Nay. The zones will be splattered will high and low level mobs. Higher level nodes will pose bigger threats. The "make everything my level" ideology makes games way to easy. Open world exploration at low level should be hazardous.... It should even be dangerous at high level. The only real claim in other mmos is that low level areas end up being dead but it appears that IS is going to have activities of varying level in each node. 
  • Dynamic leveling comes with a fair share of issues, in a game where pvp is a corner stone, lowbies will be slaughtered during hunting areas or quest hubs. The fact also remains is when lowbies are in the same area has high players it takes a less rewarding stance for the high player, it feels almost like your character has declined in progression.

    Dynamic leveling will also make the world less dangerous, as mentioned above, you will know roughly the level of the monsters around every corner and it wont pose as big of a threat.
  • I think all zones, save the 'noob' / tutorial areas, should have a mix of all difficulties of content.  This way zones do not become obsolete 'ghost towns' after the leveling wave rolls through.  There will always be a reason for all PCs to visit most of the zones.  I think this will lead to a world that feels active and alive.

    Just my opinion.
  • No, for many of the reasons above. Also would be a nightmare for them to try and balance, since every node level or delevel will create mixes of content level and challenge. While such systems work fine in themeparks that have static level content zones, a themebox with variable levelled content on sometimes a day to day basis would be a nightmare to police and balance. All you need it is a small vocal group to think that they are getting shafted somehow and they have another community brushfire that has to be extinguished. People need to get over their previously held concepts from themepark mmos and realize that if we get what they have stated, beyond the fixed 5 "starter" zones there will be no set content zone level beyond a vague, node is this type at level 3 in this area of the world, so spawn tables come from these possible ranges.
  • If I am higher level than something I should be hitting it harder according to my level and it should die faster as a testament to my effort put into the game
  • A very big nay - I've played many MMOs and GW2, and I didn't find level adjustments gave me any reason to go back and revisit older zones. Also, most importantly, it takes away perspective -e.g. the awe of facing actual tough mobs is diminished by saying 'see that bee over there, it'll be as tough to fight as this undead warrior'.

    Lore-wise I think it makes no sense either, or would be hard to justify.

    I agree that it's a shame many zones aren't utilised in later gameplay, but would hope that trading and resource gathering, housing etc gives reasons to revisit those places.

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