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The Truly Perfect MMO?

Hello everyone, It's Hokeypokeyy here and I'd like to talk to the community about Ashes of Creation, the best MMO that will ever exist, the perfect MMO, which we ALL desire, the beginning of the most GLORIOUS GAME IN HISTORY!!!....

Or at least, so we hope.

Ashes of Creation is without a doubt the game which i'm most excited for, but i'm sure there are many concerns and also hopes which we all have for the upcoming game. But let's talk about the mechanics of MMO's in general and why it is important to keep an open mind when looking at the release of this awesome game in development.


This is very controversial to many people. Many comments on the forums have been filled with desires such as demanding that the game be a truly "free movement" system. You know, where you can dodge attacks, block mighty strikes, and do a double backflip to maneuver around your foe as you show your combat superiority through your skill!! But is this something that we ALL want? Or rather, is this something that is healthy for an MMO?

A healthy environment for an MMO is one where people can have fun as a casual player, strive to be the best as a hardcore player, display both skill and strategy in PvP and PvE environments, all while having balance in-between classes. But it's a lot easier said than done.

 Yes, it is important to show individuality and skill through dodging attacks and blocking skills, but it is incredibly easy to abuse combat systems.

 In a tab - target style combat system, where numbers such as critical strike stats and parry can determine the outcome of an entire fight, it's very easy to abuse this and this is a concern for many of us. NO ONE wants to go into the world ready to fight an elite monster, or challenging an opponent in PvP, just to be "die in 1 hit" from a critical strike burst from a person with OP stats. Yes, just a click and a few buttons and you are the "no skill" Champion of the World! This is the style that many of us fear, and so it is probably the concern which leads to so many "GIVE US A FREE COMBAT SYSTEM!" demands. However, it is crucial to note that ALL COMBAT SYSTEMS CAN/WILL BE ABUSED! 

FREE COMBAT - the true desire, the perfect MMO. You have practiced your combos and are ready to show off a true display of skill! Then suddenly, an opponent attacks. You are silenced, stun locked, all your attacks are blocked, and you die without your opponent taking a single hit of damage. 

No one wants that either. 

Perhaps you have played a 1v1 style fighting game before, where you know that these techniques are commonly abused. When you have more freedom to block and dodge attacks, people who are even slightly better than you have an EXTREME advantage. Dodging every ability, blocking every attack, and then simple destroying you without even a thought of mercy. 

Some may say that this style is OK, because they practiced the most, and worked the hardest to get to that skill level, so shouldn't they always be at the top? 

Although it's important to show that skill matters in MMO's, a combat system that is "truly free movement" can (and will) be abused to the point that a select few players are dominating in every aspect, to the point that other players will have almost no chance to compete.  (Remember, the ability to compete is very important for a healthy MMO)

In PvE environments, their supreme skill will lead to a "Realm First!" in every aspect, and in PvP, you won't stand a chance, because you will have no defense against the power of the top 1%.

An MMO, where the top few % of players dominate and the rest have no chance, is probably not what we all have in mind for the perfect MMO because we all want to compete as both casual and competitive players.

We all have desires of a "perfect MMO," and many of us would be "OUTRAGED" if Ashes of Creation went with a style that wasn't in our vision. However, I believe that we should view Ashes of Creation with a sense of acceptance, even if we don't get all the features we desire.

Simply put we all desire different things, and you can't please EVERYONE.

Ashes of Creation has developers that truly care about the game, and i'm sure the systems of gameplay that are chosen will be with the best interest of the AoC players, as well as having the best outlook for the future health of the game! I think we all have incredibly high hopes for this game, and I think that's great! I am looking forward to this game more than anything, and I talk about it with the people around me nearly every day. But is is important to think about why certain concepts will be put into play, and not just complain that the devs didn't go with EVERY SINGLE aspect that you wanted. 

If you want something better, make it yourself! And that's exactly what the Devs of Ashes of Creation are doing! They love MMO's as much as we do, and probably even more than we do for going through the struggle, stress, and determination of making a new MMO from scratch. I trust in their choices and I can't wait to see what is to come! 


Thank you to anyone who read this post! 

What is a system of gameplay that you'd like to see in game? And what is a possible downside that could come with it? I'd love to see in the comments, and I think its important to think of both the benefit AND downside of any system which we want to see in game! 


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