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Thoughts on split pulling mobs.

So was wondering if anyone has heard if there will be the ability to split pull mobs.

I definitely hope it is something that is possible in this game. 

I have many found memories of split pulling in EQ1. Have not really seen it done quite the same in any game since.

It was fun wandering into areas with a group that was beyond you means to fight a group of mobs. But with a talented puller it would be possible to split off 1 or 2 mobs from the group which the group could handle.

Anyone else have fond memories of this and hope it would be possible in AOC?


  • I also hope this will be a part of AoC. Split pulling mobs can be fun and can also be an invaluble skill (not in game skill) to have. To me it also brings more value to scouts/thives etc during raids or similar things where the mobs can be too strong together
  • Yeah split pulling is fun and playing with mob aggro. It just really adds a whole other depth to the game.

    Having various aggro based on node, race, rep level difference, that could lead to some realistic reactions such as Hate rage, to running away, grabbing help. the possibilities are endless and to split pull thse sort of mechanics have to be implemented which is not easy but when it is done it is magical.

  • I agree with this, split pulling adds some fun to group playing.
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    i loved EQ, the groups and the constant pulling to get AA not being sarcastic. I literally loved being at KC and pullers running mobs back to our spot.  I didnt play a cc or puller but loved the skilled ones doing it.  With zones not being instanced now(for the better) mobs have leashes which werent a thing back in EQ. you had to zone out to get them off you.
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