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Dungeons Question

Hello, everyone!

I've had a random thought recently, this game runs on Unreal 4? Which, I believe is free, correct? 

Save from IS's self-made assets, how cool would it be to hold a sort of make your own dungeon contest? You can make your own assets, or use the stock ones. And select a few winners, the price could be. An Alpha key, and of course, having your dungeon featured in-game.

Based on other games I play, the playerbase is quite often VERY creative, and they can afford, generally speaking to use a lot more time for level designs. It would free IS up a bit to develop other systems and such. Whilst still having content generated. 

I hate to bring SoE into this, but their F2P game Planetside 2 lets players make armour, and if it's good, feature it in game.

Just thought it would be a neat idea, I can't do any of that stuff myself, sadly.


  • If i got it right they use unreal 4 cause it offers the option to edit the source code. That would mean they actually use a strongly edited version of unreal 4 wich isnt compatible with the original version. So you wouldnt be able to just create something with Unreal 4 and add it to AoC . 

    In addition to that i dont think they would give people free use over their assets and its impossible to make assets for a high quality dungeon in a short time for a single person.

    Well im also just a noob when it comes to programming and stuff but i think its a unrealistic idea.

    What i would like though is any other kind of art contest. I think there are so many good artist's out there and its always good to give them a stage and with it some recognition.

    Speaking of art they could also do youre idea of dungeon contest but just with a concept. So it would be a contest where you can write a script for a dungeon and add some art and mby the winner could make it sometime into the game ^^ Would be fun but its sure not more then a funny idea.
  • I would say, the idea itself would be great but the maintenance of those dungeons will be a lot of work, so probably it wont happen. 

    The armour / weapon craft it self should be possible and easy to maintain. maybe not as a new item but as a skin which you can add to your gear which exists.

    Those skin items can be added by players via upload, then , after a review, added to the engine and sold via merchants in game, for ingame currency which will automatically stabilize the market.
    Of cause the creator of an skin should also be rewarded, lets say with 1%/sale of the ingame price and with a special title or other perks in game.
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