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Weapon and armor scaling

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Hello there

What do you guys think about weapon and armor scaling with our level. At start of your adventure you chose one of many weapon, like a greatsword. When you gain a new level your weapon level up with you, increase dmg, speed, or gain skill points to spend in special weapon stats window. Other weapon, other stats.

All weapons and armors will have "crystal slots". Ways to get a crystal is go to dungeon and drop one or buy in the market. 

I also want to see weapon/armor skins, you can change skin in special workbench. I would like to see "han sword" skin to greatsword. (somethink like this)
I know han sword is one handed sword but why not.
AoE team can also add a new ranged weapon for two people 

I think this is a good idea. Normally in mmorpg you change your weapon at every level. I want to my eq become one part of my character.

I know i make a lot of grammar mistakes in this post, my english isn't so good but i still learning something new  :). So I am asking the administrator to correct my mistakes. ( I wanted to imitate my character from d&d 3.5, gish (fighting wizard) with  two handed hand sword with chainmail :dizzy:


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    Hello man!!

    I really like your idea that the weapon must be part of the character and develop. From my point of view, you are more familiar with your character, more united, but there is the problem that at certain times you must change the weapons for a different situation, for example, we have a tank that, while farmea experience uses a weapon to 2 hands for example, but when you have to go to a group dungeon you have to equip a shield and a weapon with 1 hand, which would bring you a problem if you only took the weapon to 2 hands that you use to farm experience.
    It becomes very tedious for a person to have to level up and change the gems, what you can do now is change the appearance of the new weapon by placing the old one.

    Best regards: Sr.Bizcochuelo

     (If you find errors, I'm not very fluent in English and use the Google translator)
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    So what about your weapon gain his own exp and lvl. Like artefact weapon in WoW but you don't gathering dust but exp. You still don't need have 20 version of greatsword, and still weapon is still apart of your character. Of course weapon leveling is faster than yours but can't be above than your character level. 
  • You may be able to keep the skin of any weapon/armor you find, but I can tell you already that you are not going to see anything resembling WoWs artifact system in this game. 

    This would go against their entire ideology of keeping crafting relevant at all stages of the game, and they have already stated that your items will degrade to the point of needing to be fixed by a crafter or they will break.

    So potentially if you keep up on repairing your weapons/armor you will be able to keep them forever; maybe they will even make it so a crafter can reforge these items into a higher quality item, but i highly doubt we will see a system that resembles WoWs artifacts, or SWtORs orange gear. 

    On this note, I would love to see weapon proficiencies in the game. That would provide you with that sense of progression for your weapons/armor but still create the need for crafters to forge new, and repair these items. 
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    I don't mind the idea of having a weapon persist with you, but I'd rather have the impact more be associated with your character improving in a skill that then adjusts the damage output of the weapon without changing the weapon itself.

    Let the crafting portion of it impact things like damage, attack speed, critical chance, durability, weight, etc... then having your 1H Sword skill modify the damage as you improve. A system similar to this existed in Everquest 1 and it allowed me to use weapons I acquired at level 20 up through the level cap for multiple expansions. This also may address the concerns from Sr.Bizcochuelo
  • Evolving weapons could be pretty good if implemented properly.  for example you could start of with a short sword or small staff or short bow and as you level up or level that weapon up it would visually change into a really cool looking weapon plus grant one ability. Then eventually become a great sword, staff, or bow.

    Maybe it should be a rare drop, (not to rare) the weapon itself could open up a quest line a long one and then you would have to gather materials or the rest of the peices that go to it.  And then find some one to forge it. 

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    On this note, I would love to see weapon proficiencies in the game. That would provide you with that sense of progression for your weapons/armor but still create the need for crafters to forge new, and repair these items. 

     I REALLY want to see weapon proficiency's as well. Anything to do with further progressing my character really makes me want to invest more time into a game. 
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