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 I haven't been with the forums in awhile, I have been busy with some IRL things. I was just wondering how the projects been doing. Is the beta version/ Beta keys due to be realized soon? honestly would not be mad if it wasn't, really want this game to be as epic as it can. was just wondering where the progress was at because I remembered the kick starter saying the beta key release to be around December.
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    also realized I never activated my account with the transaction key, so I hope I didnt miss anything!
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    Hi there currently no eta on the beta's we have our first Alpha - Alpha 0 which is the invite-only friends and family alpha starting up on the 15th of December, and alpha 1 planned for around Q4 2018, with live launch being before 2020 for more information regarding the different phases check out this handy community made wiki page that has all the information we have so far,

    As for the activation of the key, did you successfully do that? (just making sure you didn't lose the key or anything) :smile:

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