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World Bosses . Wich way you like them ?

I havent played more then a handful mmo's till today, but i know world bosses are part of the standard content. Yet their number, strengh and respawn behavior differs from game to game. So as i see so far Intrepid Studios confirmed that there will be huge world bosses like dragons getting triggered by player progress. 

Good thing for the start but i personaly like the idea of many world bosses scattered over the open world. It does not always have to be a huge monster wich needs a big amount of players to kill it and one shots everyone who doesnt dodge. I just like the feeling and atmosphere it gives if you know dangers dont just wait in the deepest dungeons. The world itself shouldnt get a place where you can run careless cause you know you have kind of good gear and normal mobs anyway cant kill you even if you go afk for a minute. 

Therefore i kinda liked the world boss system of eso. specially in the dlc content. If i could have changed something on it it would be the fixed place of bosses so you would never get surprised by one of them. 

So far to my likings. If you could choose how to implement them, what do you think on world bosses ? In wich number and strengh would you like to see them. How should their system work and what about their respawn timers ?


  • I think world bosses need to feel important for the area they are in. They shouldn't just be there just for the sake of having one. There should be a lore reason tied behind them or they should spawn because of an even like Intrepid's example with the dragon coming out of the volcano because the node is becoming too settled. Also, world bosses should have different ways of handling, or not handling, them. Like a wizard who is too powerful to fight head on and so must instead be banished to another realm or we have to find some sort of artifact that inhibits magic rendering the wizard, and unfortunately any other magic user within its vicinity, unable to cast spells.
  • How does Pooka like Pooka's world bosses?  Somewhere in the world.  Pooka has spoken!
  • I like worldbosses to be significant events. They should also have mechanics in place that allows it to deal with zergs. Otherwise numbers will take precedence over tactics
  • I like them in different flavors.
    As they already plan, big events with lots of people. Occuring due to player behavior. Node progression and such. So they are tide to specific locations/regions and reasons aka lore.

    Regionboss: Something on a group to a few groups scale. This can be a lone giant roaming mountains, a horrific turtle hidden away in a coastal cave, a dragon spawn from one of the elder dragons terrorizing a desert and so on.  Tide loosely to a region, may have lore behind it and may need additional knowledge to engage upon. Behavior can vary greatly as mentioned. Can roam the lands, hide away, only comes out at specific times/natural happenings.

    Leaders: Small group to group scale. The Alpha of a pack of animals roaming those woods, Bandit Leader of those vagabounds occupying some ruins somewhere. Simply one enemy that will always be a threat for lone wanderers in appropriate locations. May have story happenings attached to it, but can be just another stronger mob.

    Rare spawns: Solo to small group scale. Mutations of existing presently active enemies in an area. Loosely tide to the area, mostly found nearby but seldom in the area of it's actual family.
    Rare spawns2: (this is the very wishful thinking variation) Every family of mobs get's an "adventurers killed" count and when it exceeds a certain count it might spawn an enhanced leader type mob.
  • You have sick ideas @Grisu
  • World bosses as far as I'm concerned should be the hardest and rarest enemies in the game, but they need to have a place in the eco system they are in, if for example a dragon resided in a mountain then all the other mobs likely wouldn't approach it's lair or something like that.
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