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UI Customization

I recently hopped back on WoW for a month and it made me truly appreciate interface addons and general UI customization. Vuhdo makes healing so much more enjoyable.

I know that Steven has stated he doesn't think addons will be apart of Ashes, but I hope that they truly take the time to make a variety of UI themes, that are fully customizable. 


  • I agree that customization of the UI is an important feature, with many other games there were options out there with player created addons. This may not be the case with ashes so I do hope that the IS team realise the ability to customise, minimise, and otherwise rearrange the UI is an important feature. My hope is that the time and resources are focused on making a truly functional and highly customizable UI that will suit many different tastes and requirements.

    With the development of AOC being far more open it is up to us the community to provide the feedback necessary to produce a UI that is both functional and fully customizable. 
  • That is one of the reasons why I like to try and bring this up as early as possible in development. It gets overlooked so frequently, and a clunky UI is such a huge turn off. 

    I know that on my healers(and most of my characters really) I like to have a very miniminalistic UI. No character portraits, fat health bars, just the bare necessities. Fingers crossed intrepid pulls through for us in this department. 
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    They have stated a couple times that the UI will be fully customizable, able to move, change, and accessibility options for disabled will all be in effect. You will be able to minimize or clutter to your hearts content. Too many people have looked at the placeholder UI that they have used out of the box from Unreal or what was at PAX and think that is what they are going to get. Early days so far, what you experience now will be nothing like the final iteration at launch.

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    I know unknown. Customizable doesn't necessarily mean the same thing to me as it does to them tho. This has nothing to do with the place holder which of course all will argue is crap. This has to do with what do they truly customizable for final product. 

    Moving UI and resizing is pretty standard, but I hope that they also go through the trouble of completly letting us change the theme. Even SWtOR which has pretty wonderful UI customization pales in comparison to what I can change with addons in WoW. 

    This also refers to buffs/debuffs as well, which is normally overlooked and either tied directly to character nameplates, or shoved up in a corner and unmoveable. Hell even what buffs you do want to be able to move. I may want my normal static buffs to stay under my name plate, but certain procs, or combat buffs I want to be very visible center screen.
  • True, but they have made it clear they are not going to open the API up to addons. That way lies the madness of hacks, gold farming, and exploits. So you will just have to keep advocating over the course of the next year and half as each iteration gets closer to what you want.
  • I'll just throw in this old post to support this idea and advocate again for information gathering tools. The lower half of the initial post specifically deals with UI and game design.
  • That post is wonderful. I'll get to that thread in a minute to give it a bump, but those are my feelings on addons exactly. I would love to trust intrepid to give us UI customization we deserve, but most games tend to fall short in that department.

    I am perfectly fine with no third party options being available, but if they aren't going to open up basic UI elements to the general public to mod, I want them to actually devote the time to making UI customizations that will make everyone happy. 

    You brought up healing in that post, and that's what made me even want to make this post. After going back to using Vuhdo to heal in WoW I can't imagine not having some of its functionality. Having mouse buttons function as keybinds when over the raid frames is just one of several features I would miss. 
  • I guess that all we need for starters is a option to move, resize and turn off/on all the ui parts just like it is done in SWToR.
  • Yeah that’s definitely a great start @booshoo SWtO had really nice customization options, but I hope it doesn’t stop there. Individual UI scaling(two games I recently played you adjusted the entire UI scale which was just silly), class colored names/healthbars, character portraits on/off toggle, adjustable health/mana bar thickness, ability to move buffs/debuffs to where you want them on the screen, adjust enemy health bar color based on hate(tank mode basically). I could probably think of more, but these are the biggest options that come to mind.
  • I prefer only customization of UI but without any addon...
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