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The Patchy Beard

You've just arrived on Verra. What do you do now? You look around for docents or tour guides, someone to tell you where to go, but see no one. Everyone else here is dressed like you. All newcomers. Some are standing alone, some in small groups. 

Someone comes up to you and asks you if you want to join them. They are going exploring to a far-off mountain peak. If they find a nice spot they'll set up camp. Who are you? What can you do? They ask. 

You run away to explore on your own. Into the woods you go. There are other explorers ahead of you. You follow them. In a clearing ahead a small group has set up camp. You stop to look around. Tents, a small campfire. Two people talk amongst themselves. But you're not ready to settle down yet so you move on to explore some more.

Everywhere you go there are people scattered here and there. If you want to find your own spot you'll need to run far, far, away. You run for 5 minutes straight, then another 5 minutes, leaving all the other explorers far behind. You hope you haven't been running in a circle. A compass and map would have been helpful but you're too far away from civilization for that now. No stores around here. Are there even stores yet?

You run a little more then begin looking for a nice spot for your freehold. Something with water for the crops, some nice trees, maybe a little secluded. You find a spot. This is nice, you think, but look around the area first to make sure you aren't too close to monsters or something worse. Okay, this is good. 

You set up your tent but hold back on the fire lest someone see the smoke and come find you. You stand in place and look around. Beautiful. You close your eyes and listen to the sounds of nature as you feel the breeze and warm sun on your face. Bliss. 

When you open your eyes again you are surrounded by fierce rabbits who attack your legs. What the ****!? Welcome to Verra.


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