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Loot system

I was thinking about how the loot system will work. Click dead mob-icon whit items-chose items? I was thinking about something like, Click dead monster-zoom over the shoulder to the dead mob(in this spot,you see the whole mob up close)-then chose items that he has. 
But also i think that a mechanic like this will not be useable for a dragon,or a tree monster because you would need to see the sword 😹.Although i think it will be a very nice feature.
Any thoughts about this?

Sorry for my english if you don t understand very well🔥


  • That would be pretty cool. Any extra immersion into the world is always welcome, but to be honest I normally just set myself to auto loot and just speed click the dead body as I continue on my way. 

    And Steven has said that he wants to get away from the whole "you killed a wolf, *loot wolf*, you find a bow, some gold, and a helmet" style looting we see in other games. Loot will feel appropriate for the mob you are looting. So maybe that wolf had a sword stuck in its side, but most likely you'll just find some meat. So no need to worry about that part of your looting idea. 
  • Crafting being a big part of the game, I assume that this immersion looting style would be preaty nice,giving the fact that,as you said, they want to make the loot appropriate for the mob you’re killing. 
    But this will make the crafting system the most used one for geting items,mobs being farmed mostly for different parts you need to make a certain item.
    This can become a preaty long disscusion🔥🔥
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