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Can I switch a package?

So I bought the limited PAX Beta package and from what I remember that was just access to Beta 2. But, now I see that the Wayfayer Pre-order Pack at $75 and it offers more with embers and two months game time as well just noticed entering your name 4 times into the Alpha 1 raffle. So the more expensive PAX package seems pretty worthless. So now I need something changed. What I would like most to do is upgrade my package to the Expeditionary pack and Ill pay another 50 dollars, if not I would like a refund of my worthless PAX package.


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    Hi @ScaryCactus, the functionality to exchange your PAX package for a pre-order pack is planned but not currently implemented in the store. New functionality is scheduled to be implemented in January for the addons and this may be part of it. If you want to do so earlier then that I suggest contacting Intrepid on the support link at the bottom of the official website :)
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