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Max 5 Metropolises?

IS this number of 5 Metropolis at a time set in stone? And if so, say a server reaches 5 metropolis, then what about the rest of the world map, will their still be low level nodes to go get as land grabs and to be developed? Is the world node design as follows (IDEA/SPECULATION) ... 
  1. Expedition (30 max per server)
  2. Encampment (25 max per server)
  3. Village (20 max per server)
  4. Town (15 max per server)
  5. City (10 max per server)
  6. Metropolis (5 max per server)


  • Nothing is truly set in stone, but the developers have stated that the design of the world map will prevent there being more than 5 metropolises at any one time.

    There are no stated numerical caps on any of the other stages of advancement; and there may not need to be hard caps, as the rules of node progression will keep the noes within certain limits that depend on the map size and the number of connections between nodes.

    The node system is one of the core game mechanics that needs to be tested for it to be tuned properly. Everything should become clearer to both ourselves and the developers during the testing phases :)
  • I like the idea of there not being numerical caps on nodes and that the rules of node progression is what limits it, as that would allow growth of the map without having to recode hard numerical caps...
  • Don't forget that the nodes don't just hit max level and sit there. If they aren't being fed increasing amounts of exp and resources they will auto-degrade. So while I have seen people asking "What will they do to keep built up areas full?", it becomes a moot point. If people are not actively questing and contributing to their home metropolis, it is going to go away.
  • Would like to see the first time a metropolis gets declared a war by another node and neither attackers or defenders rly know what to do xD There will be explanations by the game for sure but i imagine the first time pretty chaos . 
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