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Node Architecture

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What will influence the architecture of a node? Will the race of the its citizens influence it at all or its position in the world or will all nodes have the same architecture regardless?


  • The dominant race at each stage of development is what has been stated.
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    @UnknownSystemError thanks my dood!
  • As UnknownSystemError said, one part will be the race that participated the most during the node development. AFAIK, there's no intel yet if this affects the overall development, or will be start anew each node level (e.g. level 3 node might be Kaelar human, level 4 node might be some orc structures).

    Furthermore, I'm pretty sure the devs have different presets of buildings depending on the node's region, climate, and terrain.
  • Yeah, it will be sometime in a later Alpha 0 or Alpha 1 before we find out which it is. My bet is that it is who contributed most at each level. People would be naturally upset if it locks from level 1 at say elf, and later the node is taken over by orcs. Also people who buy in node houses (in the city, not freeholds) would be naturally confused if they buy an elf hut, and then it changed to an orc house, and then became a tulnar mansion. So each node level will keep the architecture from the previous level, buildings added at the new level will be the new race if it has changed. Just my guess, as Herdo said, we have no definite answer yet.
  • Is it possible that the amount of citizens depending on race is also a factor ? 
  • It was put out as contribution to node, not actual number of citizens, since citizenship isn't conferred till node level 3.

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