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Forum suggestions

I don't see a suggestion box so I figured this is as good a place as any. Mods feel free to move to wherever if there is a more fitting place. 

1. What happened to text hyperlinks on mobile? I'm rarely on my computer so I don't know if it still exists on full site. If it is gone, it would be nice to have it back. Especially for little things like a hyperlink in signatures for guild recruitment, important threads, etc. and on the topic of this, why can I add photos directly to posts on the forum, but have to use a URL for signatures? Pain in the butt I tell ya hwat. 

2. As for my actual suggestion, on mobile at least,  after viewing "recent discussions" if you click on a thread and use the sites back button, instead of taking you back to recent discussion it takes you to the forum that the thread was made in. While sometimes it's nice to be taken to that section and maybe see some threads you didn't see before, it would be more convenient to have the back button take you back to wherever you were. 

3. I know some subforums don't make sense yet, but it would be nice if they added in some other sections such as region specific sections, a section for individuals looking for guilds, instead of just the section for guilds themselves to post in, and a section for forum stuff like this post I'm making right now. 
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