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Job vs Class system

I've played many RPGs and MMOs but one thing i very quickly realised is how good a Job system feels over a traditional Class system.

In a traditional Class system you make a new character for every class, be it a Warrior, a Wizard or a Thief. In a Job system you play as a single character that can switch between these classes.

Specifically, in Final Fantasy XIV it is amazing how i can be a max-lvl Red Mage but i can still switch to my lvl18 Archer and play at low-lvls with my friends on the same character without losing all the story, quests, achievements, items and mounts progress i've made. This is especially relevant when my friends are missing a tank and i would be HAPPY to switch to one without "wasting" progress on an alt. I'm not sure i can go back to a traditional Class system anymore as making a new character takes away from the investment and connection i have with my first character.

I know AoC is going the traditional Class system but i wonder how connected alt characters will be. I hope crafting, achievements, guild, exploration and other things will be shared between characters, because it kinda sucks to lose progress just because i want to play another class


  • Well, then you are in for disappointment. Stated multiple times in livestreams that primary archetype will not be changeable, and secondary only through real effort, either a quest chain or prohibitively expensive fee.
  • This would go against Intrepids vision of individuality of characters. However it is a possibility you'll be able to swap your secondary archetype.
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