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Sea Combat

Ok, so i have a ton of questions and i doubt ill get all of them answered but hopefully someone can help
1. will there be a sea in ashes or just lakes and rivers
2. Will there be on water caravans (ships) and if yes what kind? as in will they be caravels or galleons. Maybe ship size grows with node level or maybe nodes have access to large ships while rich merchants will use smaller boats to move goods
3. Will there be island nodes and can an island node become a metropolis. 
4. How do you siege an island node? do you just go in with like 10 galleons?
5. What is sea combat like? Do ships have cannons and im going to assume no because guns were a no i believe. Does that restrict combat strictly to running into other ships and boarding or maybe mages can have long range spells that are highly effective for sea combat? Maybe something interesting like Being able to control the flow of the tide for a small period of time at cost of all your mana?
6. Can a ship be attacked by monsters? (Kraken, lochness monsters, mutant sharks that jump out of the water?) 
7. Can drifting ghost ships with mutant zombies (half fish half man?) be a thing to show remnants of Verra that have been corrupted. 
8. Can you fish while on a boat or can ships fish schools of fish and make it a business?
9. Can players design theyre own ships?
10. Is piracy a thing or will that just get you flagged?
11. Is Sailing a skill players have to learn? would be pretty cool and id totally invest time into learning? Maybe the speed and maneuvering of ships depend on skill level and type of ship instead of just "most expensive ship is best"
12. Can node type benefit ships in anyway? <Scientific ships have better speed and maneuvering> <Military ships are more durable and have better defense mechanisms.> <Economic ships have more storage space> < Religious ships have protection vs monsters?>


  • 1: Yes
    2: Yes, many different types.
    3: Yes
    4: We aren't sure yet.
    5: We aren't sure yet.
    6: I heard something about this but I can't confirm anything.
    7: Don't see why not.
    8: You can fish on a boat.
    9: You can apply skins to your ships but you can't design your own.
    10: Piracy is a thing and you will definitely get flagged.
    11: Not sure.
    12: Probably but there are no specifics. 
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