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aesoopaesoop Member
Could I order your T-shirts, hoddies or sth from the Shop, when I live in Europe or is it delivered in US only?
Ps. I had no idea where I should write sry if this was the wrong Category.


  • lexmaxlexmax Moderator mod
    Greetings @aesoop. Currently the store is only shipping to the US. However the goal is to add international shipping as soon as competitive shipping rates can be established. We'll keep everyone posted on progress as it happens.

  • aesoopaesoop Member
    @lexmax Thanks, that was fast :open_mouth:. I'm waiting for it :smile:
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    Really lookin´ forward to that!!
  • TexTHKMTexTHKM Member ✭✭✭
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    This has been set on "soonTM" for quite a while. I asked about this like half a year ago, so don't hold your breath. 
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    Why don´t just choose the easiest delivery mehod to implement for the time being (even if it´s not cheep) so we at least CAN buy merchandise. Then after that you can work on optimizing the postal prices. 
  • aesoopaesoop Member
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