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Class names discussion

I'd like to open this thread to share some of my concerns and basically say some of the class names can be improved. (seriously tellsword?)

So here are my ideas!

Instead of Tellsword which is too easy to confuse with Spellsword when listening to someone talk I feel it should be Swordsworn, or Oathblade. I feel Oathblade would go amazing with dwarf culture.

Instead of Nightshield maybe Wraithshield? It sounds better to me anyways.

Nightcaller sounds better than Shadowmancer.

Celestial seems better than Magician.

I'd prefer Druids to Falconers, maybe something that summons wild animals instead of just falcons?

Archon definitely sounds better than Spellstone, or maybe Shimmershield, Illusionist?

Instead of Highsword maybe Cursed Knights or Bound Blades or something? That would give greater backstory!

I have no idea what to do for Spellhunter...

Change Shadowmancer to Wraith or Phantom.

Spellmancer sounds horrible lets do Elementalist.

Nightspell needs to be Nightblade or Duskblade. They are still a rogue base class. It just mixes in shadow magic or something into the attacks! If it sounds too much like Shadowblade just called it Mirrorblade or Spellthief which sound much better than Nightspell.

Spellshield needs to be Spellbreaker.

Instead of Soulbow maybe Messenger? They can be like Messengers of the Gods. Might work instead of Bowsinger too.

I noticed Defender wasn't used, it's not that exciting but it's an option.

Seriously please don't keep Tellsword....


  • All good input. My opinion is that is has as much chance as a fart in a typhoon of being acted upon. If you followed Steven's comments after the list was released, he said that the list had been completed a long time ago, and that he was personally invested in it, and that is why it took so long for him to release it into the wild. People can argue all day that Spellsword vs Cockknocker, or any other change has to happen because they feel their opinion has weight and bearing, but ultimately it comes down to what the big man decides.
  • Does it ultimately matter? I for one quite like most of the names used, some are a bit more meh than others, but I'd have difficulties coming up with 64 names.

    I think the names are fine :)
  • Ariatras said:
    Does it ultimately matter? I for one quite like most of the names used, some are a bit more meh than others, but I'd have difficulties coming up with 64 names.

    I think the names are fine :)
    I'm fine with a lot of them, but some of them sound too similar or just bad. I hate to say that but I can't take some of these seriously lol. It's not the end of the world either way I just think they need a bit of help in this department! =p
  • I agree with the OP. Some of the names are really nice, but some are really naff.

    I think it would be great if, in the ensuing two years, some might be changed based upon some solid, constructive feedback and alternatives. Not just people saying they are crap, but offering suggestions, as the OP has done.
  • For Tellsword I would suggest Swordsinger
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    edited December 2017
    Its too soon to offer name changes on classes because we don't know the lore. We have to also trust in their lore for these names, I guarantee you they were crafted with a ton of context. Someone complained that there is no monk, but what if there is no culture that has monks?

    Feedback is good for sure, but we don't have the full picture yet. 

    Personally I think all the names are very consistent and feel like they could be in a shared universe & quite genius some of them. Its crazy hard to think of names for all these combinations, and repetition was expected to a degree. They exceeded my expectations. This could've easily gone too far with names that are just totally random & awesome for the sake of nothing but awesome. These names feel intentional.

    Names like "Cursed Knights or Bound Blades", you are assuming lore that might not exist in Verra.

    Also - I like Tellsword :P
  • I understand that 64 names of a class system is a daunting task. Intrepid did a great job for large majority of the names But I think they did miss the mark with a few of them. Most of them being in the Ranger line. (scout/scion/bowsinger/soulbow) Scout being a big one, it makes sense in the context of what it will do. The problem is Scout feels and sounds like you are lower than a Ranger, or a rogue most mmo/ or table top games you start as a scout before your even a ranger or rogue. 

    Also the repetition of some like Song warden, Brood warden etc, or mancer was sort of expected but Would have been great to have unique names instead. But overall most of the names were great.

    Aside from the names mentioned above 
  • Remove the X-mancer stuff, or at least change it to Greek/Latin roots that sound somewhat legitimate. "Shadowmancer"? Really? I'd take something like "Umbramancer" or something over that, though even that is cheesy.

    Otherwise, I don't really care too much. Spellshield sounds fine; Tellsword could be 'Loreblade' or something but seems fine one way or the other honestly.
  • Good feedback. With such a large number of names, there were bound to be some that didn't hit the mark. But for me, there are a few too many in this vein. 

    Seriously, the big thread in the main forum area where the community tried to guess had some much better names than some of these (most of which have been mentioned above). 

    Not sure if anything would be likely to be changed now, but I applaud all those who have provided some alternatives, because honestly, they do sound better than what was chosen in most cases.

    I'm happy enough with my class though. Haha, one of the lucky ones.
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