Still waiting for Alpha Zero code...

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Won an Alpha Slot 10 months ago (Week 6 drawing) and have been looking forward to it. 
NDA received & signed within 15 minutes of receiving.  That was 25 hours ago. (I received DocuSign acknowledgement instantly)
My time slot is Sunday at 10am but I haven't gotten access to the Alpha Zero forums, no game code, no software launch, nada.

I opened a pair of tickets on Friday for different issues but haven't gotten any responses besides the automatic one for ticket open.  So I don't think opening a support ticket is an acceptable answer.


  • Forum access is currently being worked on as there are current issues - stay patient
    Keys are being sent out in timeslot priority. Yours being at 10 am should come in a few hours.
    Once the key has been applied you will have access to the DL client.

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