Introducing Asgaraath

I'd like to start by saying that I'm in a moment of self loathing right now as I didn't find out about this game until last night. Through my journey to find a new MMO that I could hop onto and invest from the beginning, I came across many others but this one always eluded me for some reason. Now I've missed the Alpha 0 just by a few days :( . But I'll make the most out of it now that I've found this wonderful game.  ;);)  

 I'm a very active gamer playing mostly fantasy based games ranging from regular RPGs to MMOs B) . Of course there is also the occasional fps that I get into now and then. All in all, other aspects of my life tend to keep me busy but I always find time for some gaming. When I get my hands on the Alpha 1, I just hope that 3-4 hours of sleep can keep me going through work days. :D:D


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