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In most MMORPGs, mounts serve the purpose of a travel utility. Traveling speed on mount is generally faster than what a running character could achieve thus making it the most viable option for travelling long distances in a game other than teleportation to predetermined locations such as towns and cities. There have been games that tried to add more to the mounts with the use of cosmetics items and introducing more aesthetically pleasing mounts as a way to make more out of the whole concept. Others have added small attacks that the mounts can do when faced with an enemy to make them more useful. Some have added the ability for the mounts to fly as well. But most of these options seem a little less appealing when compared to the other aspects of this incredible game. I know there are some games that do this but what do you think of breeding mounts? Capturing mounts in the wild? What are some of the ideas my fellow members here have that they wish to see added to enhance the experience of owning a mount in this game?

Pets are as generic as fantasy MMOs these years. They all usually serve a few purposes similar to a mount. They started out in MMOs as what the names suggests, simple aesthetics to show off your prowess or ability. In time, small utilities were added to pets to allow them to add buffs to the characters or ability to gather loots etc. But these are also becoming generic now. So I'd also like to know what other think of the the portrayal of pets in this game. Do you wish to see them as the usual aesthetics and utility or do you want to see them as something more? What are some unique ideas that may make them more fun and interesting?

 As the name of this forum suggests, this is all Theorycraft. Meaning it disregards what is in the game in it's current phase.


  • There is a wealth of information on the topics of mounts and pets, their roles, breeding, taming, and combat utility already available. I recommend or any of the various quotebins to familiarize yourself with already planned mechanics. Theorycrafting is all well and good, but no need to beat a dead horse. (pun intended)
  • Maybe pets can play some mini actions\ minigames like  "Throw a ball" ,  or maybe it can use for some treasure searching? 
    In most games where was pets i really wanted some integrative actions with it. 
    Why we have a dog\cat\hamster or etc  ?  We wanna play with tham and not be alone..
  • I've said this before but a new pet thread, time to say it again.

    I want pets to have their own multibranching skill tree. So you can pick and choose how they will grow. How much of their skill tree will be affected by your pet training skill. Like comparing a kid with his dog then a circus trainer with their dogs. The kid can make theirs fetch, sit up, beg, shake. The trainer has dogs moving around balancing on a ball. Crossing from one side to the other of open space on a single rope. 

    I'm just tired of those one size fits all pets out there that don't really do much. 
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