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Delta Revelation

Delta Revelation [NA] [PvP,PvE,Crafting,Exploration]

   From casual to hardcore, expeditions to tavern games, Delta Revelation aims to capture the essence of community by striving for comfort and notoriety. Primarily based in North America, we hope to create a space in which everyone can enjoy themselves and focus on the aspects of the game that inspire them.

   Our goal, to dominate aspects of Ashes, will come easy to our community with leaders such as; expert strategist and raid commander, JHRZy, head producer and crafting aficionado, Jmitt, and Ky as lead advisor for player interactions and relations.

   However, this guild, it's friendships, strengths, and importance all lie with you, the members. So, come join us on this quest for greatness and see what the future brings you, in Ashes of Creation.

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