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Apollo - 10 Years of PvX

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Apollo is an adult gaming guild that is mostly comprised of professionals, as well as both current and ex-military personnel, spanning all branches.


In the latter half of 2007, our leadership was betrayed by a former guild leader and cast out for being too close of a unit. We rallied together under our own banner and a decade long bond was formed. As groups of highly skilled players rallied to the call, a fearsome, and competitive army was born. Since then we have warred across virtually every major MMO that boasted large scale PvP and have made our mark as one of the most premier guilds around. Many of you will remember us from games like Age of Conan, Warhammer, Guild Wars 2, Darkfall, FFXI, FFXIV, Rift, EQ, EQ2, ESO and many more. With nearly 10 years of game time together, a strong group of 40+ long-standing members have returned in the hopes that Ashes of Creation delivers on its promise.




Age of Conan - First guild to successfully siege and take a keep. First guild to successfully defend a keep.


Warhammer Online - Lead the first alliance of Order guilds to successfully take the Destruction Capital. Boasted several top 10 spots on the PvP rankings during our stay.


Darkfall - One of the best and most sought-after merc guilds in the game. First guild to have an entire alliance declare war on them. First guild to successfully defend a siege. First guild to successfully siege and take over a city. World first on 3 PvE bosses.


Final Fantasy 14 - Under the clan name of "Koruption Inc" we were the first guild to successfully defeat all 4 of the original NMs on our server.


Guild Wars 2 - One of the premier WvW guilds through several servers, during our time. Repeatedly lead our lightly populated servers to victory over greatly more populated servers.


Elder Scrolls Online - One of the premier PvP guilds of Daggerfall Covenant, the least populated faction. Outnumbered in most engagements, we lead DC to victory in many war cycles.


 Apollo is a guild that is experienced in participating in all aspects of MMO gaming. From PvE raids to small and large scale PvP.. From resource gathering to crafting and city building. Games with these elements are what we gravitate towards.  Our tactics and coordination are second to none. Apollo is well-known for destroying larger forces with significantly lesser numbers.


How We Operate


1. Apollo is led by a council of long-standing members. As stated above, many of us have been gaming together for upwards of 10 years. From day one, every member can voice their desires for the guild. Taking feedback into account, our leader, Spongehunter, generally has the final word.


2. While we DO put in large amounts of hours, we put our real lives first. We do not want people gaming 24-7 at the expense of their lives and family outside of the game. With that being said, we expect your in-game time to be spent wisely and that we all strive to become better at our roles. 


3. We expect all members to put the team above everything else.  Being highly skilled does not replace teamwork. The selflessness in [Apollo]( is second to none. If someone needs help, we expect all members to stop what they are doing and help them. When you need help, others will do the same.


4. During all gaming hours, we are in voice comms. It is a simple matter of developing comradery and being able to reach each other quickly. You may be in mute channels if you'd like, but voice comms are a requirement. While we use Discord to easily connect with other groups, we use Teamspeak for game-type comms, as it allows for more organization on a larger scale.


5. We are not PC. We do not filter voice or chat servers for content, aside from what may be taken as malicious. We give each other sh** and rib each other regularly. If you offend easily, we may not be a good fit.



Why Choose Apollo?



Merchants and Nobles: We can offer you land, efficient trade routes and top-level protection


Crafters: We offer you a resource gathering team unlike any other. We excel in games with crafting and gathering aspects. We are extremely experienced in obtaining large quantities of resources for our building and crafting efforts. We highly value crafters because, frankly, most of us don't enjoy that aspect of the game as much as others, but we know how important crafting is. We will never leave you short on supplies and will be quick to support any and every need you might have, with a high degree of gratitude.


PvP'ers: You will have the opportunity to be surrounded by a veteran unit whose reputation precedes them. We are infamous for our skill over numbers. We will help to train and equip all our members to be the best they can be. If you are traditionally a PvE'er and are interested in PvP. We have the experience to lead you to success and teach you what you need to know to compete at a high level.


Citizens: If you are a citizen who has yet to decide where your path may lie, we give you the time and the ability to learn from gamers with a wealth of knowledge and the freedom to advance within well-run and protected lands.


Long-term Goals

Apollo is one of the oldest gaming communities around. Our longevity comes from having long-term goals in mind. We want to grow a dedicated community of players in time for the release of AoC, which is why we will only accept players that are willing to join us in Life is Feudal MMO (LiF MMO). LiF MMO is a hardcore, full-loot, sandbox MMORPG which makes a perfect game to prepare for AoC in terms of logistics management, sandbox elements, PvP combat/politics, etc.

How To Join

 Please register and fill out an application on our website


You may also visit us on Discord. This does not bypass the application process. 


Take your time and put some effort into your application or it will not be accepted. The application is not difficult. It is aimed at finding out more about you, as well as your ability to follow instruction.  If your application is accepted we will contact you via email so that we may have an interview over discord. This is your opportunity to ask questions and is mutually beneficial to get to know whether we are a good fit for each other.


Put your best foot forward. We place a high value on quality over quantity. Spots are limited and applications are high. We look forward to speaking to you.


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