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Founder here! Reporting for duty.

Bought a Pioneer package on the Kickstarter, and then I upgraded to become a founder. Can't wait to play with you all. :)
Does the forum have ranks yet? I see some people with Alpha-0 titles next to their name. Is there any way to display that I am a Founder?
Thanks in advance!


  • @Xorgo glad to have you aboard the hype train, welcome to the community! Those with alpha 0 titles next to their name had that applied to them, currently they have not given out the forum badges from the kickstarter.
  • Welcome to the community. I hope you have fun on the forum.
  • Not yet, but i think we get those soon, or atleast in 2018, the kickstarter/summer ranks.

    And welcome :)
  • Only cool kids have the alpha 0 next to their name :( other people who bought packages don't get anything yet. 

    Welcome to the community. 
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