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General of the Army

I would love to see a structure for Castle Siege:
General (Army leader) that can over see multiple raid parties. Raider leader obviously overseeing the parties in his raid.

The General and Raid Leaders can set visual cues on the field of battle. Rally points, objectives, etc. As a raid member you would see this much like in playing a single player game as campaign objectives. You are to do this action, etc, with waypoints and all.

Attack this wall
Setup catapults here
Rogues clear archers here
Retreat to here/Group here
Group 1/Raid 1 split to here

There will be in game VoIP, however, that will be both taxing and difficult if you don't have tight control over the chat like you would during a boss fight in a raid. This allows for parties to communicate in themselves, need heals, need backup, while pursuing a larger objective.


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