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Is it possible to have the mastering and manufacturing skills, to provide some extras to the stats?

Hi Guys this is the first time I am active in a Fohrum except that
I am working with google translator so please do not mind if those
sentences sound strange.

Now to what I meant in the title as an example, sewing, forging and
similar crafts improve craftsmanship, which depending on the level
"beginner, middle, master level" gives fixed points
to strength, stamina and so on. In this way, the crafting skills
would have more influence in the game as example 2 with the
same lvl fighting against each other, one with crafting skills
and one without, then the one with the craft ability
would have an advantage in the stats because he has spent
time and effort to the craft ability to get?

P.s. The idea does not come from me, I got it from the manga
"The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor" which is why I became a fan of
Ashes of Creation because both share many concepts I like.


  • Doing the crafting game should be a choice, not a requirement in my opinion.
    Intrepid stated that they want to make it really in depth, so much that you have to play a majority of your time as craftsman to master it.
    Master craftsman will have better products for their time invested.

    I'm not entirely opposed to it, craftsman will lack in combat ability since they fight the least and won't progress the vertical line of skills much, so I suppose they would need some kind of balancing factor if they have not much of a straight up role in sieges and stuff, but that's so much speculation that we could write days about it without any conclusion. So in short:
    If craftsman have an appropriate role in combat scenarios, the additional stat boost is unnecessary.
    Otherwise it might be a good idea for higher level craftsman..
  • The craft "ability" or profession, or skill can be looked at many ways... This system with the little amount of information we have so far could progress in many different directions. 

    Personally, I hope that players that like crafting are encouraged to do so through small bonuses or incentives. Players who do not like crafting, do not have to participate. Although, not taking part should not cause them a major disadvantage, especially stat wise. If "master" craftsman gained a small advantage for working on their profession for a long time that would be some neat incentive. 

    Player's who primarily only craft would want to see there efforts make an impact on the game. These players who really invest there time in something should have a big influence on the world. A master craftsman could possibly open up his or shop and effect the world that way. 
  • As in a similar thread I will play devils advocate, I believe a strength based class and high stam race should be better at smithing than the int based elf mage. If I have low manual dexterity I cannot expect to solder micro electronics well with my sausage fingers.
  • Tircky isnt it. Do you make choices meaningful by imposing sacrifice ? Do you have independent streams so they dont impact each other and remove the artisan/warrior choice.

    Can someone who works 24/7 weaving a sword, really know anything about using the right materials to produce the right effect within a piece of armour ? Can a master physicist who invested all their training in physics somehow have spare time to be a master brain surgeon too ? Is memory a limited capacity or does some knowledge have to be sacrificed to fill it with something new when its already full ?

    No. There is only so much time in a day and all that time spent doing one thing means that there is none left to be spent on others. That is what a specialist essentially means. Someone who devoted all their time to one field of study and sacrificed all else.

    Ad at the end of the day, the point of an MMO is to encourage teamwork and community endeavour for mutual benefit. The warrior will need to find a unique crafter that can build the best armour for his/her unique build and the crafter will need a highly skilled warrior to act as surrogate for their lack of martial skill. It still works. It just doesnt work alone.

    You can of course buy gear just as you can buy mercenaries.

  • Technically, if you spend enough time playing, you can reach max rank in both your artisan skill and combat. How much time that will take though....probably a long time.
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