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Secondary class influence

Hi i have a question about the second class. If i selct summoner as second class will i be able to summon minions or will it just change the main class skills a bit? or how it will work?

hope u understand my english^^.




  • You won't get additional skills but it will change how your abilities are used.
  • It's possible it might change one of your primary class abilities into something that has a summoning effect, but we don't really know yet. We don't even know how the Summoner archetype is going to play out in this game 
  • i'm intrigued by the idea from infernomaster's link that you can swap out the secondary class if you don't like your first choice. gives you a break if your awesome combo class turns out to be a playstyle you hate but you don't want to start from lvl 1 again. now you can just try a different secondary class instead with your original character
  • thx for ur replies. im very excited for this game and will have so much trouble to find my clas combination^^

  • Have you joined the community Discord.
  • I really think it is too early to know for sure how your sub-class will affect your overall combat experience. 
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