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Novice Sorceress


I'm Nimue of the Py'rai. I've been waiting so long to return to my country. I long to roam in the woods and valleys again.

May your ways be green and golden


  • Hello Nimue, welcome to the Ashes of Creation community. Be sure to join our discord and I'll be happy to answer any question.
  • Thank you!
  • No problem.  :)
  • Welcome, fellow Elfling :)
  • Hail! My heart sings to see thee.
  • @Nimue.Myddfae welcome to the community!

  • @Nimue.Myddfae
    welcome the the community :mrgreen:
  • @Nimue.Myddfae welcome to the community!
    Thank you 🎄🌚

  • zazukeys said:
    welcome the the community :mrgreen:
    Thankyou 🎄🌚

  • Hi all, I have to admit I am a complete novice at online gaming 😽 but am keen to get started. I think I’m going to be more of an Open World PvE player engaging in PvP during structured siege events etc for strategic reasons and as part of my Verra citizenship - so I can build beneficial allegiances. Can someone suggest a current MMOG I can go off and learn in before AofC launches? Also, is it worth joining a guild now? I’m thinking I’d like to often be free to go on quests/tavern role play and explore the world independently as a Sorceress, but also be affiliated with a Mage/Bard guild I could also fight/spy/quest for (questing  for knowledge/people/items of benefit for the guild would be awesome). Ok hopefully I haven’t said anything that makes me seem TRAGIC 👀
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    A few MMO's you could play that are still relevant off of the top of my head are: World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, Elderscrolls Online. With Elderscrolls, I know they have a lot of roleplay guilds you may be interested in.

    As for joining a guild. I say it's fine to look now if you're interested. The forum section here for guilds is a good place to start. Most guilds tend to be pretty cool with people doing their own thing as long as they still contribute in some form. As you look for guilds, I would specifically ask if they plan to roleplay if that's your goal. I don't think all guilds will be into that sort of thing.

    I wish you luck with your endeavors!

    EDIT: Also, welcome! *throws confetti*
  • Hello @Nimue.Myddfae o/ our return home will be glorious, to once again enjoy roaming the land and sailing the seas :smile: welcome to the community  
  • I am counting the hours until I can smell the salty breeze swirling through my coastal forest homeland, and hear the waves crashing upon the shore as I drift into sleep. 🌊🌿🦅🌚
  • Hi Zainox, thankyou! I think I’ll check out Elder Scrolls 🌚
  • Welcome to the community. Hope you have fun on the forums.
  • Green and some tea please ^^
  • And what brings you to these parts?
  • Hello and welcome to the community! :D
  • Welcome to the community, please don't touch anything, we just cleaned.
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