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Specific class for crafting?

Will there be a specific class that favors crafting if I wanted to create an ALT and invest that toon on crafting only?


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    The devs have mentioned that you can level by doing other stuff other than adventuring.
    the 64 classes you see everywhere are adventuring classes, and while you will certainly have them, and you will need them to increase your Adventuring Level. the Artisan leveling system is a separate thing.

    That's why Steven is always so Clear when making the distinction between Adventuring class and Artisan Class. Because you can dedicate yourself to level up your Mushroom Farming Skill and never go out to kill monsters.

    He has made statements like this:

    And This:

  • Your crafting ability, which Steven has called your Artisan class, is supposedly a separate thing from your combat class, so I don't believe one affects the other. We haven't heard to much about it though.
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    Edit: My Original Reply reappeared.
  • Then how come the artisan class and skills aren't released yet and the adventuring classes are? I would think they would of released it by now?
  • The "adventuring classes" are only halfway done. Like many things we have been told, much of what is going to be in game exists on a whiteboard at IS as concepts and ideas that Steven wants to see, and Jeffrey is tasked with implementing. "I want there to be this, this, and this. These are the classes I want, this is how I want crafting, and these are the way I want everything to act. Can you do it?" "Yes boss, that is all possible, now give me a bunch of people to make it happen."
    This is why they only answer softballs during livestreams, Steven has stopped giving out quoteable information since mid-summer, and we go through long periods without hearing a thing so specualtion on these boards runs rampant. They can't tell you how crafting is going to work, because they themselves don't have any details beyond what the boss has said, because they have not sat down and worked out the actual system, and no one has even tried coding it in yet.
  • yeah they are not public because there is nothing to publish yet. Just the Basic Concept and a couple confirmed classes which we already have and you can find yourself by watching the livestreams and reading the wiki  Or Documents like this one.
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