I love housing if its good made.

My Question, will everyone be able to get a house, in the wild or nodes? Or just 24/7 player who claim all spots.

im working so i have only some hours per day to play.

If its like Arche age, pls dont do it, or will it more be like Black desert? Where it is in Towns instanced?

Thx for answers




  • There are 3 kinds of Housing, Unlimited Instanced Apartments inside the Node-City, World Buildings inside the Node-City and Freeholds Which are plots of lands outside the Node-City but inside a Zone of Influence of a Node where you can have multiple buildings.

    Each person can Only Have 1 of Each that means 1 Instanced apartment, 1 House, and 1 Freehold. I'm not sure if this is per character or account, but it is unlike Archeage where you can have as much land as you can afford, here you can have 1. So I think it will be very unlikely the world will run out of room very quickly.
  • My understanding is that it is per account
  • Unlike free to play modals Bots wont gain all the land.

  • yup it's for account I just confirmed it had to go to the community archive Page 37 second paragraph:


  • Much has been stated by the devs about housing and their vision for it. The freehold system is what the OP seems most concerned about being a "land grab" has been addressed, but I will try to explain what I have taken from the various answers from quotes and livestreams. Freehold placement becomes available in a node from level 3 onwards. All nodes on a server start out at level 0 and advance based on player activity in them. The time it takes to level a node is unknown, because we have no idea how many people will concentrate in a given area at any time. However some guidelines have been given and will be tweaked over the next year and half or longer of testing. 0 to 1 is fairly fast, a matter of hours, 1 to 2 a day or couple of days, 2 to 3 may take a few more days, and it gets much longer from there on out.

    So to be a "land grab", people would have to know which nodes are going to "pop" and when. They would need to camp on their various spots they want waiting and hoping that their area would advance. Once it advances they would be able to place their freehold. (most likely not going to be a process without cost, either currency or resources). So now they have their place and can start to develop it. They also gain citizenship for that node, for sure for the main character placing it. Other characters owned by the player do NOT have to claim citizenship for that node. They are free to become citizens of other nodes if wanted. However, it will not be through the freehold placement, since there is one, and it is confirmed account locked. They could gain citizenship in another node through various mechanics, mainly in-city housing purchased at level 3(limited in number) and instanced apartments at level 4 if the node leader has decided on and built that option for the node.(unlimited).

    Since level 3 nodes will be fairly common, and not as developed, these will be the nodes that will come under siege most frequently (speculation). If a siege is lost, and the node goes below level 3, the freehold is lost (not confirmed), if a siege is lost and the nodes zoi shrinks, freeholds affected by the shrinkage belonging to it are lost (not confirmed). If a node siege is lost there will be a two hour window (may change) where the freehold is vulnerable to attack and destruction. There will be mechanics in place to hire npc guards, and you may yourself and recruit friends to defend your patch. If your freehold is destroyed you will not lose any placement objects or decorations. You will receive a template that will allow you to rebuild the freehold. Either at the same spot (if available) or somewhere else. Materials in the freehold may be looted (% to be determined). But you will not lose currency, items, or other account locked stuff. Jeffery said in an earlier livestream that there would never be a reason to store currency at your freehold, since currency wouldn't have weight, and won't be lootable.

    So all this together would show that those who happen to be a the right place at the right time through planning and luck will be able to place. Not some sort of Westward Ho! land grab where everyone gets access to a piece of land at exactly the same time.
    Will add the relevant discord quotes after this.

    Since nodes will not develop, housing will not be able to be placed any faster that any other server, so no land grab for 48 hour headstart people.

    There are more quotes out there concerning housing, but these should give you a start.

    TL:DR No, no land grab.

  • I remember them saying that if you are a citizen of a node and have a freehold, you are liable to be taxed for the land you're occupying. If you fail to pay those taxes for a certain amount of time, your freehold will be foreclosed and someone else can settle on that plot. 
    Don't quote me on that though. 
  • No need to quote you. It is literally in the post above yours as a direct quote from Steven.
  • thx for ure answers. Good system i think. 
  • You will have to be on to pay your bills and stuff, so I think if you log on once in a while it'll be fine because everyone has real life issues and I'm sure Intrepid is aware of it. 
  • I'm hoping I can place my freehold right next to other freeholds (family / spouse plots)... Make our own small city, share the cost of NPC guards, etc. :)
  • @UnknownSystemError Well written! Add that to the wiki :P
  • @Allusir A nope for this one. It was already stated that you'll have a (little) distance between each freehold, so that they don't end up as a cluster, right next to each other.
    But you can be "neighbors". I think the distance is still in view range and not that far, but it will be more than 50m, I think.
  • @Herdo Noooooo!... okay. *goes to pick up the pieces of his shattered dreams*

    ~Seriously though, thanks for the info :)
  • If you ever played SWG you would understand the reasoning behind a minimum distance between freeholds. As the game developed over time you had rings of collidable structures surrounding the major hubs. SWG went a bit crazy with people having access to 10 housing plots that could be placed anywhere 1km outside of an npc city hub. So you had mass urban sprawl that you had to navigate through on your way to do something. Ashes will help alleviate this through a single plot account locked that can not be stacked next to each other. From the early videos you can see one of the other developers freehold fairly close to Stevens, like shouting distance, but not so close that you would be able to call them a player village. This also removes the incentive for those that play multiple accounts (and you know there will be those people) from stacking plots to lock out others and gain advantage. Makes it a bit more of a bitch if you have 5 accounts with freeholds spread over a 2km area.
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    All I want is a booming and busting place where me and my friends in game can meet up. Maybe this will be a house a freehold, a guild hall, an event center? The amount of housing possible is endless.. 
  • They have said you will be able to give varying levels of permissions to people on your freehold. There is nothing stopping your friends from locating their freeholds near yours besides available space. The issue was the idea that you would be able to stack em near each other in say a grid. Nothing is confirmed yet on how far placement from each other has to be, could be they have decided right next to each other is ok, or they could decide to go with the pioneer spirit and if you can see a neighbors chimney smoke they are too close. We do know that given certain quotes about how nodes work, number of nodes connected to castles, and others, we can extrapolate a huge playing area of at least 50 nodes. Not saying node size will be uniform, but if they go with what they have shown so far in videos, the available space near a stage 3 node or higher will be huge.
  • Now that I think about it, it might be good to have my freehold in one spot, and then my system family/spouse freeholds in other places. That way when we are playing, we're always close to someone's freehold :smile:
  • Allusir said:
    Now that I think about it, it might be good to have my freehold in one spot, and then my system family/spouse freeholds in other places. That way when we are playing, we're always close to someone's freehold :smile:
    @Allusir THIS is indeed a good idea. Remember: you need to be a citizen of a node to create a freehold within its zone of influenece. Due to this: you might want to be citizens of the same node, but build on the opposite side of that node - in this case, you can still work together to level this node. Or you could be citizens of two different nodes, but in that case you'll have problems / an internal conflict, which node to level - if this is one of your priorities.
  • Yes, that's a good point. Either far ends of the same node, or if there are two ally nodes next to each other... We'll have to wait and see :)
  • If you're still looking for info:

    Also unknown's post is very well-said above.

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