Hunger Games X-Mas Special!

This is survival of the fittest.
This, is, do or die.

E: 21 slots taken when writing this message, 3 or 13 to go.
Registrations over, click HERE to skip to the start of the game.

Edit: Game has ended, thanks for the participants.
Summary of the game is HERE, and final result is in the end of this post.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Ashes of Creation Hunger Games Christmas Special!

Pack up your Christmas Tree and presents, it's time for a new round of Rumble!
If you don't celebrate Christmas or have anyone to celeberate it with (like me), you've come to the right place since now it's time to find out the second time this month who is the fattest, fistest and strangest in the community.

Like in last time, this is a computer RNG simulation of the Hunger Games series but with full of twist. You don't have to do anything else than follow the rules below.

Unlike last time, this time I'll be making a mega-game and the  participation limit will be 36. (-1 cause me ofc)

The registration opens now, and ends on 24.12.2017  at 11.59am/11:59 GMT.
The main event will start on 24.12.2017 at 6pm/18:00 GMT.

1. To join the game, simply leave a picture of a character with a name + nickname, and gender to the post.
(example will be in the next post)
2. Only 1 participant per message.
3. The Game, for those who don't know it
4. Bonus if your character has X-mas hat
5. Added 12 hours more time to sign up.
6. Timezone added.
7. Thanks to Fooshyy and Tey for few custom lines :)

Final results



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