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WoW BfA or take a chance with ashes?

I must admit, a new MMO always piques my interest -- Being 27 years old and wiser to the hype trains of yesteryear which have come and failed, I can only look at Ashes with skepticism.

One of my main concerns for Ashes is the development of over complicated features *of course a new game should come with new features* though sometimes they can be "over baked" which just end up creating unnecessary confusion and chore-like factors.

What I am trying to say is that I'd rather see a few well fleshed out, enjoyable features to the game rather than an abundance of poorly developed ones -- and that is the vibe I am getting from Ashes currently.

I have played warcraft for many years and its satisfactory to a degree, though I must admit I get burnt out on some of the repetitive and soulless inclusions that seem to plague it currently. Its kind of a safety blanket game in all honesty.

What are peoples thoughts?


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    BFA is gonna be out way way before ashes. BFA comes out in 2018 while ashes comes out in 2019-2020. You got plenty of time to play BFA and get ashes when its released. Personally iv played wow since burning crusade and the game is old and it gets worse as they bring out more expansions (personal opinion i could stat reasons why i dont like it but thats many things) yes wow is great compared to all mmos out right now but i think ashes of creation will not only is a breathe of fresh air but will breathe life back into the mmo genre. But i suggest you play BFA when its released it will keep you occupied and entertained to explore new content (or vanilla wow servers they are suppose to be coming out in 2019 so it might come out before ashes as well) then get ashes when its out (least if your interested in it which i assume you are)

    Edit: infact by the time ashes is fully released i bet wow will be working on a new expansion
  • Totally agree, it looks all cool and fancy but it can turn out bad fast.
  • I'd rather they where creative rather than limiting themselves to a certain number of ideas. I happy to wait otherwise it will be the same mmorpg as all the old ones. Welcome to the community. I hope you have fun on the forum.
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